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Friday, 6 January 2017

Lloris repeats our mentality is vital


The Tottenham players have been hailing the change in mentality that Mauricio Pochettino has at last brought to Spurs, it is something we have clearly been lacking for too long. Captain Hugo Lloris mentioned it to the official club website after the game against Chelsea.

“We showed tonight that we’ve got more maturity and that’s good for our future. We showed more maturity than in the past and that’s the process that we’re in. 
“We used to repeat that we needed to go step-by-step and I think we are in a good way. We need to keep working hard and as I used to repeat, we need to keep the same mentality every day at the training ground and carry on because we have the talent. 
“When we play at this level all together, it will be difficult to beat us.”

When he spoke about Dele Alli he again referred to the importance of his mentality and that he must maintain the right mentality. Without it he wouldn't be the player he is and he again demonstrates that you have to keep wanting to improve your game, not just play football. The two are not one and the same, there has to be a clear intent. The greater that intent then the greater chance you have of becoming a special player.

“I think he’s improving every day, he’s a huge talent and it’s the same – if he keeps working hard and if he’s still got the right mentality he’s going to be a big player. 
“It’s good because he knows the effort that he has to produce in every game and every training session and he’s very important in the team. If you look at all the players, they know how important the team is and we all know that the team is the star. 
“As long as we keep this mentality there is no problem – we will get better and better and stronger.”

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