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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Lamela having scan tomorrow


The injury update on Erik Lamela is not good, this 'minor' injury is now starting to cause concern at Tottenham admitted Mauricio Pochettino. They just can't seem to get to the bottom of it at the moment and he has been in Rome trying to recuperate under a specialist who treated him before. Still to no avail.

The 24-year-old (25 in March) Argentinian is having another scan tomorrow after being absent since October.

"Tomorrow he will have a scan. It's still difficult to give a time for him to come back. We need to wait for what happens tomorrow. There are still some problems, and we're not sure of the diagnosis. 
"So we need to wait for tomorrow. Now we are starting to be concerned about him, because it's nearly three months and we're still in a situation with no movement. 
"Today nobody advises that [an operation]. It's better to wait until after tomorrow."

He was sent to Rome for treatment because it was felt that he would benefit on a psychological level as as Pochettino said with Vertonghen, a player with a positive mindset can recover quicker. You get what your subconscious mind wants, what it believes. It is like a striker with confidence issues, if he doesn't believe he will score he probably won't.
His last game was the League Cup tie at Anfield on October 25th and this is the second long injury he has had during his time with us. It is a shame because he was starting to show his ability and making some very clever through balls as well as now getting himself into goal scoring positions, something he wasn't doing before when lacking confidence.

His brother was taken into hospital after a car accident in December and he had to return home so he has had a lot of mental pressures to deal with. Mauricio Pochettino admitted earlier this month that Lamela had become very anxious.

A healthy mind plays it's part in everything, a fraught distressed mind drags you down and makes everything that much harder, mentally that much worse, which just exacerbates the situation and drags you down further.

It’s a small problem in Lamela’s hip with a tiny muscle so let's hope for some good news tomorrow.

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