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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Koln all but confirm Wimmer will not be leaving Spurs



The sporting director of FC Koln, Jörg Schmadtke has been on holiday in the Caribbean during the winter break clubs in Europe have and spoke to German magazine Kicker on his return.

The conversation confirms there has been nothing official from the Bundesliga side and that the press have merely been speculating because Wimmer visited his former club and had a friendly chat. The German press were reporting that he was virtually signing for them, which as you can read below was never the case. It isn't only the British press who invent scenarios that peddle as the truth.

Extract from the Kicker article:

Question: 1. FC Köln to have a concrete interest in Kevin Wimmer.
Schmadtke: That's what I read.
Q. Is that right or not?
Schmadtke: Kevin was there, the situation at Spurs is not so great for him. But it is not that Tottenham had prevented anything. We did not start an official request to Tottenham that we wanted the player. The story, as I have read it, is not correct in its entirety. If he had wanted to change, we would certainly have talked about it.
Question: So the thing has done?
Schmadtke: Today, yes (laughs).
Q. When you say that Tottenham would have prevented anything, the lack of change was that Wimmer currently not want to FC? Or were there other reasons?
Schmadtke: The reason was that there was no request from us at Tottenham.
Question: With the players you have but spoken?
Schmadtke: Yes, he was visiting us. Since we are talking to him, of course, because he is a former player of the 1. FC Cologne. We talk with former players about their situation because we are tracking them. Then you ask: How do you feel, what perspective do you have, what thoughts do you have? From this the journalists make a simultaneous contract talk. This was a friendly conversation in which you listen. More was not.
Question: Was it so that there is no occasion was after this conversation with Kevin Wimmer from your perspective, to make an inquiry to Tottenham?
Schmadtke: It's getting complicated. Maybe it's the jet lag. So I'm not saying anything wrong, again: we have not asked. Point.


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