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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Kane and Alli wanted in China



I knew it would happen, wrote it would and yes it now has happened. The British press, in the shape of the Daily Mail, are now suggesting the Chinese Super League wants to offer Harry Kane and Dele Alli £800,000-a-week wages to turn their back on Tottenham and the Premier League.

The fact that both players are young and have an international career ahead of them makes it highly unlikely they would accept any off to go to China. There seem to be a lot of Brazilians go and Africans or players wanting one last pay day as they close down their careers.

What it does mean though, is that here is a marketing opportunity for Tottenham in China. With the president wanting to raise the standard and profile of football, companies want to please him and be associated with the game.

It makes sense to use our marketing assets to promote our brand and ride the wave of growth out there. Rather than be defensive with their interest in our players, we should be positive and see it as an opportunity to expand our fan base and increase our commercial income.


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