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Friday, 13 January 2017

It's Daniel Levy's fault


Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino isn't worried about losing any players to the Chinese Super League and believes that is because of the efforts of Daniel Levy.

"No, we are working very hard, with Daniel the chairman doing a fantastic job, to keep our best players. The chairman deserves full credit for that. He is building a fantastic new stadium for the future of Tottenham. 
"It will be our decision (on players), it is not about money as Tottenham are one of the healthiest clubs financially. It is a good feeling, it is a fantastic ownership that we have created and that is important for our future."

It seems he has a higher regard for the hierarchy at the club than some of our own short-sighted fans. While other clubs are standing still or even going backward, Tottenham have grown and developed. That couldn't be done overnight and the process is nowhere near finished yet, but the day is getting closer when we can compete financially with the financially bigger teams o attract the best players.



  1. It wont matter one iota to the Levy hating ratbags out there(and we all know who you are). I was an absolute ENIC hater initially but have to admit that very few could have done as well as levy and without the benefit(until recently) of a world class coach unlike some clubs( and yes I include Wenger).

  2. ENIC lovers should detail the extent of Joe and Daniel's financial contribution to the new stadium, just so we know what we're supposed to be applauding

    1. Why? A football chairman's role isn't to put his own money into the club. It's to run the club so it generate's it's own finances and stands on it's own two feet.

      If Tottenham fans don't recognise what Levy's done for Tottenham, they should be ashamed to call themselves Tottenham fans.

      When he took over we were perennial mid-table or lower. For the last 6 or 7 seasons we've been top 3/4/5/6 on a budget of much less that than our main rivals. We are punching well above our weight in terms of match day revenue and wages paid. This is all down to Levy and the sensible way he's run our club.

    2. Josh,
      You are on the wrong blog mate…transfer to ‘Harry Hotspur’ who denigrates anything & everything to do with THFC…and has the audacity to call himself a supporter!
      There you can digest a flow of disinformation tailored to suit the cynical, self-opinionated, disillusioned minority!

    3. I'll give it a go. This one seems to be for applauding seals, clapping billionaire speculators who haven't spent a penny on the club since purchasing it.

  3. "ENIC lovers should detail the extent of Joe and Daniel's financial contribution to the new stadium, just so we know what we're supposed to be applauding"

    why should we?...and why do they have to be personally contributing to it? you should be applauding that they are running our club properly and efficiently and it is generating enough money to not only build a state of the art larger capacity new stadium, but also buliding a team capable of challenging the other top 5 (richer!) clubs

    1. well said it was not so long ago i thought we were going to the wall until sir Alan Sugar arrived then moved us on respect to Joe & Dan RESPECT

  4. Fully agree that Levy has done a great job. Should you rely on wealthy benefactors it is not a robust financial model like the one that has been created at Spurs. In addition we punch above our weight financially because of the quality of the manager. A great combination of manager and chairman!



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