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Sunday, 15 January 2017

How will next week affect the Premier League table?


An excellent Sunday for Tottenham Hotspur and we didn't play. Manchester City lost heavily and Liverpool drew with Manchester United.

Premier League Table

  1. Chelsea 52pts GD+30
  2. SPURS 45pts GD+29
  3. Liverpool 45pts GD+25
  4. Arsenal 44pts GD+26
  5. Man City 42pts GD+15
  6. Man Utd 40pts GD+12

Premier League Fixtures Week 22

Saturday 21 January
Liverpool v Swansea City (12:30)
Stoke City v Manchester United (3pm)
Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur (5:30pm)

Sunday 22 January
Arsenal v Burnley (2:15pm)
Chelsea v Hull City (4:30pm)

You have to assume Liverpool will beat a woeful Swansea City side, who will hope to have Tom Carroll available for selection. Arsenal should beat Burnley, a team who are poor away from home and score very few goals. Hull City shouldn't be a match for Chelsea so the table will hinge on our result against Manchester City.

A loss and we will slip to fourth with Chelsea 10 points ahead of us, Liverpool 3 above us and Arsenal 2 above us.

Should we get a draw then Chelsea should be 9 points above us, Liverpool 2 points above us and Arsenal 1 point.

A win of course and all remains the same.


Vincent Janssen
Daniel Levy
Marcus Edwards
Spurs v WBA ratings


1 comment:

  1. Two tough weeks ahead. Neither Man City nor Liverpool will be easy away from home. We can do both. I expect us to win next week.

    With the right mentality, that we're starting to show regularly now, we're a match for any team away and too strong for all but the best at home. Teams are starting to treat us with more respect, which could make breakthroughs harder to come by, but there's not a team out there we need to fear. Chelsea were very lucky at their gaff. They are starting to play proper football again, a very strong team, and weren't anywhere near as dirty as last year, but the ref at theirs was the difference.

    MC are are in a mess defensively ATM. Anything can happen on the day of course, but we have time to prepare properly and on recent form are looking much stronger. De Bruyne can always affect a game and Jan's injury could make us more vulnerable but I expect us to win it.




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