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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Has Lamela's mental weakness resurfaced?

Has Erik Lamela's mental weakness resurfaced again?

There are so many stories going around about Erik Lamela and his absence from the team. He last played at Liverpool in the League Cup in October and the latest scan on his hip showed no long-term damage again, yet still he is in rehabilitation.

The latest story is that he is struggling to get over the death of his dog, after December when his brother was involved in a motorbike accident and his own problems recovering from what was supposed to be a minor muscle pull in the hip.

There is talk of depression in some quarters, which to be honest wouldn't surprise me at all. He demonstrated a mental weakness when he joined us and wanted to return to Italy. It took a couple of years for him to get his head right and focus on enjoying his football here. However, if there is a weakness there then it is prone to resurface under duress when we revert to our default setting as opposed to our managed setting.

It is quite possible we have gone back to square one again. He may not want to return to Italy to play, he did to receive treatment, but mentally he clearly isn't in a happy place right now. Mauricio Pochettino has talked about him being anxious so there are mental issues.

When he does return, which Lamela will we see, the timid stay out of the box guy we first saw or the involved get in the box player he then showed?

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  1. Wow, what an absolute pile of steaming poo you've written. Well done, I think everyone who reads it will drop at least 10 points on their IQ

    1. And why not try reading what the man himself has said, to whit...'I'm missing Tottenham every minute'.

  2. Comparing depressing to mental "weakness" is disgusting and incredibly moronic. Shows a complete lack of understanding around mental health issues. Stick to writing about sport.

    1. Actually I worked in the industry, have you?

    2. He isn't suffering from depression so the two aren't being compared, they are separate issues.

    3. Not professionally no but I have had plenty of personal experience of friends and loved ones suffering from depression. I have seen the strongest and most driven of people reduced to empty shells, incapable of performing the simplest tasks. If you worked in the industry you would know how bad it can get and would not even mention depression and mental weakness together, as you have done here "There is talk of depression in some quarters, which to be honest wouldn't surprise me at all. He demonstrated a mental weakness when he joined us"

  3. Poor post.

    You're speculating and casting blame on zero knowledge of the situation.

    And as indicated above, comparing depression, or linking it(?), to a "mental weakness" is very poor form.

  4. Whether he's mentally ill or mentally weak makes no difference to Spurs - either way he's so far cost the club north of £40 million when you include wages, and in return we've had one 'rabona' against EL minnows - not much of a bargain when you think about it.

  5. There is nothing more fulfilling than bringing someone with mental health issues, self harming, suicide attempts and getting them to a point where they can lead, what we would call, a normal life. I know that because I have been there and done it, spent 5 years working with those less fortunate and it took all of that 5 years to transform one particular individual. When you have lived with it for 5 years you know it is far different that inexperienced people perceive it to be on the outside.

  6. writer of this piece: sit down and don't open your mouth again

  7. Hey, appreciate you probably don't mean to be hurtful but equating depression with mental weakness really is very wrong. Hope Erik is feeling better and back on the pitch soon.



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