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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou attacks the Aston Villa defence

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou joined Spurs for £9.25 million, a reduction from the £11 million agreed at the beginning of the window. That was reduced because Marseille failed to release him and that month affects his preparations, his fitness and the impact on us therefore, for the remainder of the season.

Soccer Souls have given three reason why he should be sent on loan to Roma and tell us that 'Since arriving the White Hart Lane from Marseille in the summer transfer window for £11million, the 21-year-old has played only 36 minutes of Premier League football and started just a League Cup game in all his 11 appearances across all competitions.'

They give the three reasons as:
  1. He won't break into the first-team
  2. He is turning into another Clinton N'jie
  3. Early sign are not encouraging, he is often a sub

He was bought to develop, not be an instant first-team player. cameos are how you bring a young player along so gradually they become less overawed and then start to produce. he has to learn a new system, which takes a side a year to learn in a new country when he doesn't speak the language.

21-year-old (22 in February) is young for a footballer in the Premier League. Not long ago a player would have to be 25 or 26 before he really got a chance over here where results are of paramount importance. We have developed a young policy and are changing that, other clubs now seem to be introducing more youngsters, by design or by accident since our success with them.


It should be remembered that he missed pre-season training, spending a month in a London hotel waiting for Marseille to give the green light amid the clubs sale. marseille refused to let him train so he has to catch up on his fitness and attain the fitness levels that Mauricio Pochettino demands. That takes away from learning the system and exactly how Pochettino wants him to play within that system. To do that he has to learn a new style and new skills, all while not understanding the language his teammates are talking.

We live in a now, now, now society, but that isn't how life is. Just as we are building a stadium, building a club, building a mentality, building a playing style, building a squad, building a youth conveyor belt, we are building players.

Again and again we are seeing players taking at least a couple of months to learn our system well enough to start to play in it. Every signing isn't bought for an immediate impact, we need the now, but we need the future and continual development too. To get value that means buying some players before they have developed, otherwise they simply become too expensive for where we are financially now.

Get off the guys back and give him time.



  1. Very good article. I think GKN will come good for us in the future.

  2. Top top prospect, and seems a very popular member of the squad.

  3. Could say the same for Vincent Janssen!

  4. Nkoudou will be a key player next season along with Marcus Edwards will keep the quality level high in all competitions and fresh legs towards the business end this season. VJ just needs that first goal. Dont jump on the wagon when he starts scoring

  5. Just imagine nkoudou in front of walker or rose serious speed threat something we are missing now. What do you guys think of Berahino in the Summer on the free?

    1. Berahino may well come over on a free. If he does, expect a delay while he gets himself prepared and up to speed with our way of doing things as well as match fitness. After that he could be ready to star for Spurs AND England.

  6. I think they all could make an impact. Not so hopeful for VJ at this stage but he will be given time to adjust. Once he gets going he could prove very handy. GKN is a shoe-in as far as I'm concerned. Already starting to show some real threat. ME will shine and we'll struggle to keep hold of him unless he's another with Spurs in his blood like Harry Kane.

    All-in-all the future is looking very good indeed. Exciting times.



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