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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Flop Soldado was better than 29 West Ham striker signungs


Jake Saunders is a freelance sports writer and he comes out with some excellent stats on Twitter, take a look at these below.

Roberto Soldado was not a roaring success at Tottenham. The Spanish international goalscorer couldn't adapt his game and lost all confidence in front of goal. Still as the statistics below suggest, he was still a better striker then 29 of West Ham's recent striker signings.

Roberto Soldado scored more goals for Tottenham (16) than 29 out of 32 of these strikers did for West Ham.

That should cheer a few of you up on the way to work. Thanks for that Jake, I did enjoy that one.




  1. HAHA! a third of players on this list didn't make more than 5 appearances (not starts) for west ham, one isn't even a striker (Barrera) and only five made the same amount or more appearances than Soldado (three of them scoring more). Not to mention that none of these players cost anywhere near £26m (if you remove Carroll and Valencia from the list you'd probably have trouble getting to 26m)

  2. Dear oh dear ... obsessed ..... Maiga is sh*t but that didn't stop him scoring a winner in a cup game in north london ...

  3. why are spammers even reading this page they have more things to worry about with Payet putting hes toys down the toilet how dose the song go weve lost Payet

  4. Those West Ham players scored
    100 league goals
    The owners Spent
    £520,000 a goal
    The rest were free or loans.

    £3.7m per prem goal!

    The post mentions West Ham so it comes up on a West Ham feed!

    As for "good writer" He can't even spell! SIGNUNGS?



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