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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Even Arsenal pundits are praising Spurs


Doesn't it feel good once again to wake up on a Sunday morning having watched an emphatic performance and sitting second in the league.

The doom and gloom merchants and knee-jerk reactionist slating us earlier in the season must surely now be history. All the TV pundits are praising us, even the Arsenal ones.

Ian Wright picked out Danny Rose for mention on Match of the Day.

“Rose, especially at home, is unbelievable. Nacer Chadli had the thankless task of dealing with Danny Rose, arguably one of the best left-backs in Europe at the moment. Chadli couldn’t get anywhere near him. 
“Once you’ve got the insurance of Wanyama and Dembele in there, Danny Rose can just go forward and play. They [Rose and Kyle Walker] were absolutely brilliant today. They were really, really good.”

The normally very biased Alan Smith was full of praise in commentary suggesting you could name the whole side as having a 9 out of 10 games, although mentioning Kane, Alli, Rose, Walker, Wanyama and Dembele.

Thiery Henry talked out the three at the back system suiting the players we have and again giving special mention to Wanyama, Rose and Walker.

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  1. Arsenal players have never displayed the bitter animosity that comes from the Spurs side. Jamie Redknap being a prime example.

  2. It has only taken 55 years for THFC to wake up and try desperately to reach the level of AFC. At the moment you have two titles to furnish your illustrious history. Rivalry only begins when you battle it out, trophy for trophy, year after year. Good luck with that.

  3. Oh please. That's plain and simple hogwash.

    The blog post alluded to Alan Smith's commentary, and we've all heard that many times over the years. Ian Wright, a great striker in his time hasn't been free of the Spurs-bashing either. Not by a long chalk, though he's certainly realised he would be foolish to try to get away with it nowadays.

    I suspect you realise that the time is coming when Spurs will, indeed, be battling it out with The Arse again. Year after year. In spite of the financial gap that has meant the playing field has been far from even for many decades. Whether or not you manage to stay along for the ride is not something I'm prepared to predict ATM.

    With Wenger at the helm you've done very well over the years, not to mention improving your style of football unrecognisably. I doubt he'll be there much longer though, and many of your fans will continue to be demanding returns to the glory years when the club need to be rebuilding. That can make for precarious times.

    As I say, I won't predict a collapse as the club's run fairly well at present, and those at the top may prove too canny to fall for that, but I suspect the times ahead will be sobering for you. Particularly as your local rivals, a much poorer club for many decades, look set to start overshadowing you regularly.

    I wonder when the next St Totteringham's day will occur. How long will you have to wait? It seems only a matter of time before it becomes a distant memory.



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