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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Christian Eriksen


Christian Eriksen cross, Dele Alli header 1-0

I grew up with dogs and Great Danes seem to be going out of fashion, haven't seen one in years, however, Spurs have a great Dane, Christian Eriksen.

Over a season always comes good and at the moment is on 🔥🔥🔥very happy he is a spurs player

The two crosses for the two Dee Alli headed goals against Chelsea recently showed what Christian Eriksen can do when given the time and space to operate. The problem in games is getting that time and space.

His teammates have to pull people around and create holes for him to drift into. Against Chelsea Gary Cahill was stepping out to meet him and denying him that space, that is until he was booked, then it all changed. Then he found the time and space to make two crosses to Dele Alli who was executing the pre-game plan of getting in between César Azpilicueta and Victor Moses.

Looking at the height comparisons you can see why, plus Moses is not a defender so there was a clear weakness to exploit. Add into that the fact that Eden Hazard doesn't always track back to do his defensive duties, preferring to wait for a counter attack and there was a clear opportunity.

Chelsea Right Side
César Azpilicueta: 1.78 m (5ft 10in
Victor Moses: 1.77 m (5ft 10in)

Chelsea Left Side
Gary Cahill: 1.93 m (6ft 4in)
Marcos Alonso Mendoza: 1.88 m (6ft 2in)

Spurs had to first get Cahill booked and then be patient to exploit the space left by Hazard to deliver to Dele Alli. The difference between the two sides was the execution of that plan, twice.

Without pinpoint crossing, it simply wouldn;t have worked. It needed a player with Eriksen ability to first find the hole, Harry Kane to draw away Gary Cahill and then Eriksen deliver the perfect crosses to add to his assists tally, Alli to make the right run and be clinical with the opportunities.

When he does that he is a huge asset. he came good in the second half of last season and had a superb 3-month period, we could do with another one now.




  1. You could easily make a case for every single member of the team being THE most important. Compare that to the fabled 'double team' of the sixties where Blanchflower, Mackay,White, and Jones were the most important and going even further back to the wonderful 'push and run' side of 1950 Ditchburn,Ramsey,Burgess, and Baily were the most important. The present team are very much a cohesive unit and a real together team.

    1. That seems like a good position to be in. I'm happy with that.



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