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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Alderweireld [MOTD defender of the year 2016] improves the organsation of defences



An excellent article from Sky Sports who have interviewed the former Head of Player Identification at Tottenham Hotspur, Rob Mackenzie, about why Spurs signed arguably the best central defender in the Premier League over the past two seasons, Toby Alderweireld.

The article demonstrates the amount of work that goes into player research before a decision is made whether to sign a target or not.

Why Spurs signed Alderweireld

Obviously he has been a fantastic signing and the piece in the article about the statistics showing that he improves the organisation of defences was spot on. Yet again a club he has gone to has improved their defence, it is no coincidence.

It also shows that there was never a moment that Jan Vertonghen was leaving as the club were looking for a centre-back to partner him.

Proud to win the MOTD defender of the year 2016. Big thanks to everyone.


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