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Friday, 13 January 2017

A shrewd piece of ttranfer business


Really wish we done what Spurs are doing with their ground 😭😭

You can certainly start to see the scale of the new stadium, now ha several floors are in place.


Our transfer strategy is to buy young players who will increase in value. All players generally move on so we look to make a profit on the purchase to sale price.

It seems hat Daniel Levy has made some signings who fall into his bracket, seven in fact, the cranes being used for the construction of the stadium. Spurs didn't hire the cranes, we bought them outright for £6.09 million, £870,000 each.

Now there is a shortage of these big construction cranes and there are none available for hire. Obviously when they are hired it can be for lengthy periods so the situation isn't going to ease anytime soon.

With steel prices trebling in the last year, the Sun tell us, and expected to continue to rise, it is believed that Daniel Levy will make £500,000 profit selling each of these lifters, that's £3.5 million profit. 

Not a bad bit of transfer business.




  1. Erm - has he sold them yet.... don't we still need them to finish off the stadium?

  2. No. If they'd been sold already then the profits would not be as substantial as discussed in the blog. Once the stadium's finished then they can be sold at the increased prices as indicated by the blog.

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