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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Week 20 How have we fared at this point under Pochettino?


Game week 20 and how Tottenham Hotspur have fared up until this point each season under Mauricio Pochettino. You can see that we have made steady progress, that our goal difference is markedly different as well as increasing our points tally by ten.

2016 42 points (3rd) GF 39 GA14 GD+25
2015 36 points (4th) GF34 GA16 GD+18 
2014 34 points (5th) GF29 GA27 GD+2
Several pundits and former managers were saying a few years back that Tottenham's defence simply wasn't strong enough and I remember writing an article about how dispiriting it must be for the forwards to score a goal and see the defence conceding some of the goals we were conceding back then. One goal never seemed to be enough, they were always having to try and score more to make up for the defence.

Now it is a different matter, now the defence has been sorted so that currently, statistically, on goals conceded, we have the best defence in the Premier League.


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  1. Sometimes during this season so far it's felt a little disappointing to see so many wins drop away to mere draws, leaving us to trail further and further behind the top of the table. These stats help to put that into context in a very forceful way. Thank you.

    I feel another factor to bear in mind is that some of the traditionally top sides have performed better this season so it's tougher here than usual.

    Nevertheless, in spite of that, our stats have improved a lot even since last year. That has to be read as outstanding growth.

    When you consider that this is at a time when we've also had much higher levels of important player injuries than the last couple of years (Even though going back further we often struggled with high injury levels.) then taking the second half of the season with already good momentum plus a fresher set of top players than usual after many enforced rests, things are looking very good at this time.



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