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Monday, 16 January 2017

£119m Kane is 6th most valuable player in Europe


The CIES Football Observatory have developed an algorithm that a large part of the time accurately predicts the transfer value of players across the five top-tier leagues. Obviousl;y Chinese Super League money is now going to make a mockery of that but it is still a good indicator in Europe.

They state 'The statistical model through which fair prices are calculated includes multiple variables on player performance (minutes, goals, etc.) and characteristics (age, contract, etc.), as well as data on employer clubs and potential recruiting ones.'

Their list shows 4 Tottenham Hotspur players in the top 30.
How does this compare to other clubs?
Real Madrid 4
Barcelona 3
Manchester City 3
Manchester United 2
Atletico Madrid 2
Juventus 2
Chelsea 2
Arsenal 2
Borussia Dortmund 2
Leicester City 1
Inter Milan 1
Everton 1
Bayern Munich 1

Spurs have two players listed before Chelsea or Arsenal have one with Paul Pogba at Manchester United as the only English-based played above the Tottenham pair.

Harry Kane is the 6th most valuable player in Europe at £119 million (€135.2m - AUS$191.82m - US$143.33m), Cristiano Ronaldo 7th, Paulo Dybala 8th and Dele Alli 9th £97.28 million (€110.5m - AUS$156.76m - US$117.15m).

Christian Eriksen is in 26th £62.33 million (€70.8m - AUS$100.41m - US$75.06m), Eric Dier is 29th £62.33 million (€69.5m - AUS$100.42m - US$73.68m).

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  1. What about Jan, Rose, Walker and Dembele. All those I would have rated higher than Eric Dier. I like him, maybe I am not seeing something in him?

  2. Very good points eLouai. Maybe it's age. I don't know. They're all older players. Toby is one that always seems to be missing from such lists but I have no idea why. I'm just glad in a way that he's less likely to be tempted away.

  3. The list means nothing as it states that martial and sterling are worth more than aguero, de bruyne and Sanchez 😂😂 and 1 season wonder 29 year old vardy is right up there.

  4. An insight into the methods employed by CIES to calculate transfer values can be found in this article (for those interested)...



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