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Monday, 26 December 2016

Zaha, Lopes, Berahino, Dier, Barkley, Fazio


Wilfred Zaha
Well, we know Mauricio Pochettino is interested in him even if he did try his best to avoid answering a direct question. He is interested in good players and Zaha might be a good player. It is pretty clear that we will be going back in for him in January and from the quotes we might be leaving it late. That suggests to me that Zaha wants to come to Spurs and that we feel his price is too high, thus we want to apply what time pressure we can. Cue that fans complaining about Levy leaving it late!!

Leo Da Silva Lopes
As per the previous article, we hold a strong interest in Lopes and will try to sign him again, no doubt with a loan back agreement Peterborough will insist. A lot of interest in him though so plenty of competition.

Saido Berahino
\he ids free in the summer and WBA will get nothing for a player they put too high a price on after backing out of assurances he claims they made him. While they have shot themselves in the foot, we have moved on and he may well not now be a target this window, especially as he isn't fit and isn't playing. To get 'Pochettino fit' will take him at least a month, then he has to learn our system and how everyone else plays it, learn our movement. 

He wouldn't be of much use to us for probably at least 6 weeks, so the middle of March. If we were interested in him it would be better to let him know that we would sign him as a free agent in the summer and wait until then. As long as he knows his future is assured he then wouldn't sign for anyone else.

Eric Dier
Simply nonsense rumours put about by the press simply because teams are watching him, just as we watch thousands of players a year. Dier is happy at Spurs, Pochettino confirms he hasn't mentioned he isn't happy so Bayern Munich and Chelsea watching Dier, is simply that, two clubs watching a player. The press assumption he must be unhappy because he isn't playing in midfield is false.

Ross Barkley
We have watched Barkley for a few years in case he would one day be available and that time seems to be now. He has stagnated at the Toffees and should have left instead of signing a contract extension. Now he has a fee that rules him out of moving to many clubs. It will depend upon how keen Koeman is to get rid of him, then Everton may do a deal, an insistence of a 'top form' price may mean they have to keep him. 

Trouble is they want to bring in players like Schneiderlin and Depay and that costs money, Barkley may be the sacrificial lamb.

Federico Fazio
The Argentinian has had his purchase clause activated after reaching the stipulated number of games for Roma that makes the purchase of him compulsory.

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