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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Winks evokes memories of Steve Perryman

Winks evokes memories of Steve Perryman

Yesterday was Steve Perryman's birthday and anyone who knows about Spurs history, or was lucky enough to watch Mr. Tottenham play will know the way he scurried around the field playing in a variety of positions, defence or midfield.

He was a stalwart for the club and last night it suddenly occurred to me that young Harry Winks has much of Steve Perryman in him, in the way he moves about the field. He has in no time become a player we can rely on, much the same way as Dele Alli did when he was first given his opportunities.

He is proof that a player does not need a run of games, that is the approach of a loser. A winner grasps the chances they are given and Harry Winks has done that. It shows the mental strength that we need in players. Mousa Dembele played alongside him against Burnley and spoke to the official website about him afterwards.

“I think he did very well again in the Burnley match. Last year, even though he didn’t play too much, we saw that he had a lot of potential and I’m glad for him that he’s been getting some opportunities and his ability is coming out on the pitch now. 
“He’s making progress as a young player but he’s a good guy as well so everybody appreciates him and wants him to succeed.”

Steve Perryman was a nice man off the pitch as well, I say was, he no doubt still is! Those of us fortunate enough to have watched him in the flesh saw Steve Perryman as Mr. Consistency and Harry Winks, although only starting his career, is showing those same signs of consistency that augur well for the future.

Are there any other player who produce fond memories of another former player?

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  1. I was fortunate enough to see Steve Perryman many times. It broke my heart when he scired an own goal against Real Madrid at WHL. This was the first home tie in Europe that we ever lost, he did not deserve that.



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