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Monday, 5 December 2016

Why a USA mum watches football because of HarryKkane

The importance of Harry Kane can be seen on the field but off the field he is equally as dedicated to Tottenham Hotspur fans wherever they may be.

When we went to America in 2015 we had an open training session ahead of the MLS All Star game, as we always do for any game in America and he showed his quality and commitment by staying behind after everyone had gone to give time to any fan who wanted it.

The story from one young fan I read at the time but it is worth remembering to show what a marketing asset he is, as well as an exceptional striker. Gary bale went for the money he did because he has a following around the world, not just what he can do on the football field. he was an investment.

Harry Kane is our investment, he too has appeal around the world, he is the player everyone wants a piece of. That has to be managed, but it also has to be harnessed. It is a delight to hear him remind everyone that he wants to win the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League with Tottenham.

To do that we have to continue to grow as a club and demonstrates to the impatient fans that we are still in the building process that began with Mauricio Pochettino's arrival in 2014.  This is his team, not his predecessors. It matters not what went before, the future is what counts and if fans can't see it is better than previously then they are fooling only themselves.


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