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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

What WHL will look like last game of the season

The new stadium is taking shape and the TV cameras have a look at it each time they are at the ground. On Saturday they focused in on the seating we are trialling, with further trials to come from different manufacturers. As I understand it we have agreed with a manufacturer for one colour of seat and are still deciding fir the other colour. The new stadium will house both navy blue and white seats.

A prediction of what White Hart Lane will look like by the last game of the season.

On Skyscraper City some are suggesting that the construction worker come and take a round of applause from the fans at the Manchester United game as a gesture of our appreciation. The idea has some merit and would be a good PR exercise in addition. Marketing is all about keeping the club in the news, hence the staggered contract signing announcements.

Fans showing their appreciation to construction workers is news and the media would undoubtedly report it, which would show the Tottenham brand in a good light around the world. You associate Japanese culture with politeness and many parts of Asia too. Who knows, such a gesture shows us in a good light and may help to secure future sponsorship deals. There are plenty of plusses and few minuses, go for it Mr Levy.


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