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Monday, 12 December 2016

Wanyama doesn't trust his own ability


Christian Eriksen was one issue against Manchester United, the other was our age old problem, clinical finishing. Victor Wanyama is a player who can play in central defence, indeed he has in a pre-season friendly, yet against Manchester United with a free header he couldn't even get it anywhere near the target from right in front of goal.

Praise to Eriksen for the free kick, but the Wanyama finish, well lack of finish was schoolboy stuff. Go back to the Swansea game and he had an open goal 6-yards out, again with nobody around him, and he missed the target again.That is two open goals in two games that I could have scored, indeed half of you could have scored.

There are no excuses for such pathetic finishing. All it takes is concentration and a determined single purpose mind. Clearly he doesn't possess that yet. It isn't technical ability that prevented him scoring on both occasions, he can kick and head a ball, it was his mentality.

Mauricio Pochettino spoke before the game about belief. When you are in a goalscoring situation you have to have the belief that you are going to score. If you don't you are likely to miss, you can't have doubts. His finishing shows Wanyama has those doubts, he doesn't trust his own ability.


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