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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Under Armour or Nike?


Reader Coco Hughes left a couple of comments on a previous article about the NFL Spurs tie-up so given the effort he has put into them I'll bring them to your attention. He is a big Under Armour fan.

The ground was always in conjunction with the NFL. Search Mark Waller. Check his interviews. Read through all you can find. You stated in one article on this site that he is a Spurs fan, but that it will not help us at all. That I believe is incorrect. 

Mark Waller got the job at the NFL because of his links to Daniel and Spurs. The NFL were never going anywhere except London. London is Britain in the US. Daniel Levy has pulled off the biggest masterstroke in the Premier league. read all the interviews with Waller, then read between the lines. 

The reason the ground took this long, was because the NFL tie up was always there from the very start. Due diligence had to be done. For instance, the interview with Waller, where he says we would have to play back to back games for a franchise etc, that interview was 2014, in 2015 they done back to back games at Wembley. 

Olympic stadium was poker. Daniel knew that we would never get it, but also knew how corrupt it was. Throw a million pound at some drawings and barristers etc, kick up a fuss about West Ham are getting nearly a billion of taxpayers money, while Tottenham burns, and grab 50 million from local and central government. 50/1 shot. Paid off handsomely. we were never moving in a million years, but once again slag Levy. He grabbed us 49 million for free, and still he is an arsehole somehow. 

Waller got the head of international development, international marketing etc, (or VP or whatever) because he already had an in at Spurs, was a top businessman internationally, a proper Yid, knew Daniel personally and that we needed a new ground. Let's just say, Mark Waller did not sit in the Park Lane, West Stand, and Hi Danny, how's it going. 

The NFL wanted a London Franchise, to go Global, Waller gets the job in 2006, with a 15-year plan to get a Franchise in London!!! And lo and behold, The Wembley and Twickenham deals end, 2019 and 2020 respectively, leaving Spurs with a dedicated NFL stadium, and no competitors. Another miraculous coincidence???

If anyone thinks that is coincidence, they gotta be crazy. and all the rest has been done in conjunction with the NFL and Wallers 15 year timeline. Check when he started his job, what his remit was, then check all the dates, and read his interviews. Anyone thinking this is a recent thing in the last couple of years may think again once they read a few interviews with Waller, and the history involved. 

The ground took this long because it had to take this long, to prepare for both sports. Waller is a proper Yid, as you stated he came out and said the Yanks don't get it, they don't understand the passion, I love Tottenham and I hate Arsenal. This play was made in 2006 as it benefitted everyone. Yes, been a long time coming, but it is going to be well worth it. 

I still do not believe Levy would agree a £50 million Nike deal for shirts and stadium naming rights at this stage. Way too cheap in my opinion, and way too early. I think the tie-up will be worth far more than that. Although the rumour the Nike deal is done it never seems to be ratified anywhere. I would stick with UA.

They are the future. They can easily afford it and are by far the better partner for Spurs going forward. They are the underdog, and their ethos is much better suited to Spurs. Nike are making self-tying shoes, UA are releasing shoes that have a jump test, then tell you how hard to run today, how far you go. UA are athlete focused, Nike are more of a fashion brand now. 

UA will change the world we live in. People in the Uk think they are a small time outfit, but nothing could be further from the truth. Every generation has its brands and UA are the future. The fact we are the first generation to pay to stay healthy tells a story.
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  1. Almost entirely conjecture, misdirection and untruth. Sorry, but I was close enough to the Stratford thing at the time to be able to tell you it was no bluff and cost the club rather more than £1m.

    Waller has also been with the NFL since 2006, way before THFC and the Stadium were even close to considering a tie up. We partnered with AEG on the Stratford bid and NFL for new White Hart Lane, because Levy wants a partner to spread cost and reduce risk through diversification. But he wouldn't ever have committed us to NFL so long ago, nor waited so long to make he stadium a reality for them.

    This article is akin to conspiracy theory in terms of the conclusions it jumps to and the false connections it makes.

    1. Thank you very much for that. I have never been called a conspiracy theorist, and take that as a compliment. So, you were another person who just happened to be let into the room as negotiations took place, on Stratfoird, purchasing the club, and they told you how much it cost? I do not know the exact figures, £17 million from local government plus Central after the riots. Conspiracy theory number one. Danny torched the building in our way, and was running up and down the High Road that night in a hoodie. Athletico Bilboa, walked through the Duggan crowd 5 mins before the first car went up. My next conspiracy theory regards AEG then. We were in talks with them, that much the press knew. They guessed it was a takeover. Why sell off something that is going to be huge?? Why build a MULTI PURPOSE Stadium, with 180 odd room hotel on site, (be pedantic here if you like, and correct that number) for solely NFL and Premier League. It has clearly been stated what AEG do and who they are. Maybe check their website. Is it really in the realms of possibility to get on board a company who are a Global Promotions company in Sport, Music etc, or get Danny to give Adele a bell and arrange something cash in hand to play at the NDP? They do this for a living, very very successfully to be truthful. So who would you get in to run the other side of the operations?? 10 years for nearly a billion pound project is nowhere near as long as you think. And everything has been sorted. Throw in Cain Hoy too. Cain Hoy, We want to buy you, Danny, fuck off we are sorted idiot. Waller got the job in 2006 with a 15 year remit to get a franchise in London. Search some interviews. That is 2021. You really think a 61,000 seat ground with NFL tie up only came after we went all in on Stratford?? Amazingly fast turnaround that, don't you think? Just because it doesn't fit your little scenario doesn't make it true either. Levy is not spreading cost and risk, look at new Sky deal. He doesn't;t have to. He is maximising the brand with the best partners available. Big Big difference.

    2. The company, who also organise large music and entertainment events across the world, have a strong relationship with Tottenham but deny they are interested in taking over the club.

      Timothy J Leiweke, president and chief executive of AEG, said in a statement: "The stories that AEG is interested in or has been negotiating for the purchase of Tottenham are untrue.

      "We currently enjoy a very good business and personal relationship with Tottenham and have been involved with a number of transactions over the years. However, at no time have we had a desire to purchase that club.

      "We will continue to have a great relationship with (Tottenham chairman) Daniel (Levy) and Tottenham moving forward."

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. but once again slag Levy. He grabbed us 49 million for free, and still he is an arsehole somehow"

    No, idiot.
    Levy didn't get £49million for free, that money "comes from central government" as you correctly stated so it is tax payer money. It isn't "free money" at all, some old granny who can't afford to heat her house may die because those funds were, in your words, conned out of the government. Someones kid may die because the government don't have the money to allocate to the NHS because Spurs and Levy played poker (in your words) with tax payer money! Hypothetical situations sure but not beyond the realms of possibility.
    Does it make it right that other people have also conned money out of government for their 'projects'? NO! NEVER! Spurs have my affection because they didn't stoop to the same barrel scrapping lows as other football clubs, now we are trying to find new levels underneath the standards set by the other bottom feeders?
    So what if the Spammers got more, no English tax payer will look at this situation and say "West ham got money so we deserve some too" that is an entirely childish/beggar/gimme gimme gimme attitude and it stinks, that's they got anything at all is the problem and we are doing it too! What's worse is the criticism of: West Ham are beggars who needed tax payer money to step up (A common complaint that i see all over the internet) now applies to Spurs regardless of the disparity in cash involved for each club.
    We are now funded by tax payer money and that disgusts me, it's fucking hard to support Spurs with this kind of behaviour and the sickening attitude from some Spurs fans.
    I don't care what other fans think of Spurs, their opinions are worthless to me I care what I think of Spurs.... I don't think much of any private venture that "cons money" from the tax payer and I think even less of the type of scum bag that expects me to appreciate it!
    We SHOULD be better than this but it appears that Spurs (in its entirety INCLUDING the fans) want in on the race to the bottom and we are sticking lead weights to our feet to ensure we get there first.
    Makes me want to vomit!

    1. Drama queen. Tottenham was earmarked for investment anyway after it went up in flames. How many jobs created? Homes? Someone MAY DIE. Grow up. If you have not worked out how the world works by now, you should top yourself. 1/3rd of that money came from LOCAL government to improve the area.
      So what if the Spammers got more They got 20 times what Spurs got. If you go to games, tell me Haringey does not need a cash injection. The money was not taken or stolen from the NHS, or old peoples heating funds, it was earmarked for regeneration the second poorest borough in London. You actually been there? Or grab 2 pinyts and a Tottenham Star kebab and run as fast as you can to Seven Sisters. So now Levy is a murderer, for accepting government help in improving the area ffs. Tax payer funded? LMFAO. You shouldn't support Spurs. You are a fuckin tool

    2. Spurs are regenerating an entire community. They used to spend more on the community than every other Premier League club COMBINED. Always done our bit. Always. The regeneration was unfair and biased in favour of the Council and Government. Spurs were told, yes, you can build a massive big ground, homes, offices, hotel, Sainsbury's, University, bring shit loads of people in, lots of jobs, NFL franchise, concerts et al. BUT...... you have to pay for every single thing yourselves. That includes infrastructure, roads, public spaces, stations, everything. You do not think that doing all that for the community, that local Council and Government couldn't help us out a little? £50 million or so, out of an estimated £750 million development! Scraping the bottom of barrels and taxpayers money. People in Tottenham pay tax too my friend. People in Tottenham live there, work there, and Spurs are everything to the community. So a private business who wants to do good for it's community should they pay for every single thing? Thats your fairness is it? The reason it was only second only to Newham (Yes thats fuckin West Ham mate) in poverty tells a story in itself. It also tells a story about the Olympic Stadium, but let's let that one pass at the minute. The club wanted a bit of help with things that did not come under it's remit. Tottenham is a shithole. We all know it, but people tend to look through rose tinted glasses. Betting shops and Chicken. Phones and 24 hour a day hair salons. You really think all them are selling haircuts mate? Tottenham was ready to explode at anything, Mark Duggan shooting or not. People will only put up with so much. the funding was way way overdue, and Daniel Levy should never of had to play poker to get the money released in the first place. Go vomit at your local football club buddy, cos you know fuck all about Spurs, and even less about what Spurs means to us.

  4. "The fact we are the first generation to pay to stay healthy tells a story"

    WHAT? Lol all day long.

  5. What on earth is going on on here? Do the people who write this blog work for Under Amour?! They're a f**king global sports manufacturer, just like the rest of them. They make thin nylon shirts at dirt cheap rates and sell them to punters as "high-tech sportswear" at absurd mark-ups. A shirt manufacturer tie-up has no correlation to the club's success and vice-versa -- unless they pay a huge amount of money for the privilege. I mean, we won a cup when our shirt was made by Pony, FFS. Don't be so naive, guys. We want the brand that pays the most money. The rest is noise.

    1. No i don't work for UA. I don't write for this blog. I made some comments, and then they were used as 2 articles. Doesn't bother me.UA are far more than a shirt manufacturer. They are trying to leave cheap Far East production behind, and make and sell to the markets that they are in. Local for Local. This will bring faster products, less overheads, reaction to markets, No retribution from Joe public, create jobs globally,etc. UA make trainers that track your run. They now have trainers that will tell you how hard to run with a jump test. They make heart rate monitors in Harmon Kardon earphones, they are a technology company. They have data that no one else has. It is that side of them that will improve athletes the world over, and a connected fitness platform of 200 million people globally, uploading data statistics on heart rate, distance, food calories, etc. They will improve athletes at every level, and if they can improve Spurs, even 5% in this department, then I am all for it. Or, Harry could get a nice pair of self tying boots from Nike, and then have them break on the pitch. Money is not everything. Times have seriously moved on from Pony fella. This thing called the internet helped. And this is just the beginning. I said some people cannot see the future, you cannot see through the past. Do you really think a mobile phone is as good as it gets in the world for the rest of days?? We will laugh at iPhones in 15 years. Stay in yesteryear mate, with your Pony Hewlett Packard kit.



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