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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Time to relax and enjoy tomorrow



Mauricio Pochettino believes that the birth of Jacob, Kieran Trippier's first son at the start of December and before that his wife Charlotte's pregnancy, have stopped him sleeping. We have discussed fatigue many times here and the effect it has on performance, sharpness of mind and risk of injury.

Trippier arrived from Burnley and most Spurs fans thought he was a good purchase. For many he has been a disappointment, but not everyone in the squad can be an automatic first choice, especiallly for a club with the limited income we have. Some fans don't seem to accept, or understand, that we simply can't pay everyone top wages, we have to work within our budget. We spend the same on wages that other top clubs spend in terms of percentage of income.

Thus we have to cut our cloth. Before Kieran Trippier, it was Kyle Naughton who filled the role of understudy and despite a few shaky games, I would suggest that Trippier is an upgrade. For now he is what we need in the squad.

To produce his best a player has to be totally focused on what he is doing and motivated to be constantly working to improve himself each day on the training ground. Football players are human beings, they have the same feelings and emotions that we have. Our life affects our work sometimes, the same happens with footballers.

Hopefully tomorrow Trippier can relax, forget his stresses for a while and put in a good performance.

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