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Friday, 9 December 2016

The new shirt guessing game has begun


Plenty of people like to speculate what a new Tottenham kit may look like and even though we haven't hit January yet the speculation has started with news of the £25 million-a-year shirt manufacturing deal with Nike next season. That takes over from the existing £10 million-a-year Under Armour deal.

Football Nerd's Rupertgraphic has created no less than four possible Nike Tottenham shirts, although if memory serves this is the last year of AIA sponsorship which if my memory is right will mean we will be dispensing with their red on our shirts, not that any of these shirts have red so clearly are a fans guess as opposed to a 'leak' as claimed elsewhere in a headline. The website makes it perfectly clear these are simply guesses.

I quite like that home shirt, a nice touch with the cockerel and the blue shirt is nice and simple, matches this website too!


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