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Saturday, 17 December 2016

The gutter press still trying to stir it

The gutter press still trying to stir it

Our gutter press do like to try and create problems for clubs and players where there aren't any, just to run with a story they have invented.

As any fan with half a brain knows, every single club watches players all the time. It doesn't mean they have any intention of buying them, bidding for them or even making an inquiry for them. Of course in journalism land it means a bid is imminent, it means a club are preparing an XYZ bid, which is simply as assumption on their part.

Clubs are watching Eric Dier, so what. he isn't for sale, he has just signed a new contract, showing he is happy at Spurs, yet the press are now trying to unsettle him by running with pure guesswork that he is unhappy. There is absolutely no evidence to show that and no evidence has been produced, just a journalists incorrect assumption.

Mauricio Pochettino then has to field questions about a supposedly unhappy player who isn't unhappy, he has been playing every game for two months.

"I never hear from him that he wasn't happy. When he was playing like a midfielder, centre-back, full-back, he has never come to say to me: 'I'm not happy to play in that position'. We are talking about rumours so it's too difficult to say things. 
"Eric Dier, for me, he's 22 years old, he's a player that arrived as a 19-year-old here and after two years and a half, he has played more than 40 games every season. Like all the younger players, sometimes you can use him in a different position but his quality... he's a player that can play in a different position and that is important for every coach. 
"We'll see in the future which position can give his best football but for me he's a player that can play as a centre-back, a midfielder, sometimes like a full-back. The most important thing for the young players is to be in the starting XI and play and try to improve with regular games."

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