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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Spurs vs Burnley - will this be tougher than we expect?


Tottenham will be looking to take another three points against Burnley at White Hart Lane on Sunday, one of only 11 Premier League game to go before the stadium is completely demolished to make way for the rest of the new stadium.

Burnley have won three of their last four games, conceding only two goals, however they have only scored one goal away from home all season. Even so, Mauricio Pochettino is expecting a tough game against a side we have struggled against in the past.

"It will be difficult because they have a very clear idea of how they play. They are strong physically and mentally, it's a very difficult team to play -- we can see the last game against West Ham was difficult for West Ham and a penalty decided it. 
"The Premier League always is tough, the most important thing is to arrive fresh with the ideas of how we need to play and what we need to do and then try to give our best."

Despite those words it is imperative we take three points and we should be dismissing Burnley in the same manner we have dismissed Swansea City and Hull City. We should be winning by a clear margin, but as ever, will have to be mentally at the races. Complacency or taking the opposition too lightly is where problems occur, which we have seen time and time again are difficult to rectify once a game has started.

It is why the mental preparation that Harry Kane talked about in his pre-game routine is so important. Professional football is mentally a world away from turning up on a Saturday or Sunday to play in a local league, I'm not sure some fans grasp that when you read their comments in forums.

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  1. Course it will,they'll put 10 men behind the ball, and try to bore us to death, typical Dyche tactics,get rid of these crap teams, reduce the league size,give our teams a chance in Europe

    1. Typical arrogant, entitled big premier league club attitude.

    2. Roger

      Why do you bother sending such a needlessly offensive message?

      Try to love the game and show empathy to all who succeed without access to unlimited resources.



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