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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Spurs NFL tir-up already having an impact in the States


Daniel Levy was asked back in September by ESPN if Tottenham wanted to host a dedicated London-based franchise and he told them that we did.

“We would welcome very much close co-operation with the NFL and a dedicated team. Obviously a decision is entirely theirs whether they do bring a team to the UK, and where it would be located is something that would be talked about, but yes, we would very much welcome that scenario. 
“We worked together [on the design]because it needed to be viewed as a combined joint soccer and NFL stadium. In fact, the way we designed the whole experience is one side of the stadium is a dedicated soccer entrance and the other side is a dedicated NFL entrance. 
“If it ever got to a stage where the NFL decided it wanted to have a permanent team in London, this stadium could literally be – whatever the team was – their stadium as opposed to an NFL team feeling they’re renting Tottenham’s stadium. 
“Clearly we wouldn’t both be putting all this into this stadium if there wasn’t the prospect of one day a team eventually coming to London, but there are certainly no guarantees that a) a team comes to London and b) they have to use our stadium."

The impact of Spurs having a tie-up with America's number one sport can be seen by the fact that in 2016 Tottenham Hotspur were the most searched for club on Google in the country. That is only going to grow when the stadium is finished and a dedicated surface is used for an NFL game for the first time.

The interest will only help us attract new fans and new commercial opportunities, resulting in greater income aand helping us compete on a more level footing with richer clubs, thus impacting on the football field making us more competitive there. It is all linked and all important.

Football doesn't survive without the commercial side paying for it.

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  1. The ground was always in conjunction with the NFL. Search Mark Waller. Check his interviews. Read through all you can find. You stated in one article on this site that he is a Spurs fan, but that it will not help us at all. That I believe is incorrect. Mark Waller got the job at the NFL because of his links to Daniel and Spurs. The NFL were never going anywhere except London. London is Britain in the US. Daniel Levy has pulled off the biggest masterstroke in the Premier league. read all the interviews with Waller, then read between the lines. The reason the ground took this long, was because the NFL tie up was always there from the very start. Due diligence had to be done. For instance, the interview with Waller, where he says we would have to play back to back games for a franchise etc, that interview was 2014, in 2015 they done back to back games at Wembley. Olympic stadium was poker. Daniel knew that we would never get it, but also knew how corrupt it was. Throw a million pound at some drawings and barristers etc, kick up a fuss about West Ham are getting nearly a billion of taxpayers money, while Tottenham burns, and grab 50 million from local and central government. 50/1 shot. Paid off handsomely. we were never moving in a million years, but once again slag Levy. He grabbed us 49 million for free, and still he is an arsehole somehow. Waller got the head of international development, international marketing etc, (or VP or whatever) because he already had an in at Spurs, was a top businessman internationally, a proper Yid, knew Daniel personally and that we needed a new ground. Lets just say, Mark Waller did not sit in the Park Lane, West Stand , and Hi Danny, hows it going. The NFL wanted a London Franchise, to go Global, Waller gets the job in 2006, with a 15 year plan to get a Franchise in London!!! And lo and behold, The Wembley and Twickenham deals end, 2019 and 2020 respectively, leaving Spurs with a dedicated NFL stadium, and no competitors. Another miraculous coincidence???
    If anyone thinks that is coincidence, they gotta be crazy. and all the rest has been done in conjunction with the NFL and Wallers 15 year timeline. Check when he started his job, what his remit was, then check all the dates, and read his interviews. Anyone thinking this is a recent thing in the last couple of years may think again once they read a few interviews with Waller, and the history involved. The ground took this long, because it had to take this long, to prepare for both sports. Waller is a proper Yid, as you stated he came out and said the Yanks don't get it, they don't understand the passion, I love Tottenham and I hate Arsenal. This play was made in 2006 as it benefitted everyone. Yes, been a long time coming, but it is going to be well worth it. I still do not believe Levy would agree a £50 million Nike deal for shirts and stadium naming rights at this stage. Way too cheap in my opinion, and way too early. I think the tie up will be worth far more than that. Although the rumour the Nike deal is done it never seems to be ratified anywhere. I would stick with UA. They are the future. They can easily afford it, and are by far the better partner for Spurs going forward. They are the underdog, and their ethos is much better suited to Spurs. Nike are making self tying shoes, UA are releasing shoes that have a jump test, then tell you how hard to run today, how far you go. UA are athlete focused, Nike are more of a fashion brand now. UA will change the world we live in. People in the Uk think they are a small time outfit, but nothing could be further from the truth. Every generation has its brands and UA are the future. The fact we are the first generation to pay to stay healthy tells a story.

  2. 200 million people are signed up to UA apps. They may only be a sixth of the size of Nike at this moment, but are growing at such a speed that a stadium tie up would be immense for them and us. They are freely acquiring data that we give them, and using this to improve athletes. 200m people uploading foods, workouts, and much more. They turn over 5 billion US dollars a year, and have not scratched the surface outside the US. They will grow faster than any company in recent history. Over 20% growth YOY for over 26 quarters. We may well go with Nike, solely because they pay more money, although I hope not. Yes money is needed, but so is a proper strategy and future proof business. Being a Yid, has always meant being an underdog, and I really hope we stick with UA, as I truly believe in the long run, they will be the best partner, due to the technology the are using, and the future they have. Check out the Lighthouse, and some of the stuff they are doing. I believe that this company will change the world we live in, and I want Spurs to be one of the catalysts of that. As the world is changing, UA are changing with it. they are trying to go local for local in every country that they sell in. Made and sold in that country. They have changed 100 year old manufacturing processes and brought them up to date. They are looking at everything possible to improve athletes and stay in the boundaries of a decent company with morals and principles. Nike etc, has the old, if it ain't broke don't fix it philosophy. That means cheap labour, far east production. Kaizen is the word. As you know, there is no possible way we would have gone to this expense for 2 games a season for a few years. 2021 equals franchise time. We need to get through best we can until then. The team and manager is signed, Wembley will be very hard, then the NDP, then the money Stateside will come in. Still a few years away from where we want to be, but certainly going in the right direction. But hey, like most Spurs fans, lets blame Danial Levy for losing a game, because he didn't buy Messi. I really find it hard to fathom how fans (not supporters) slag him off. Unfortunately too many people live in the minute, and find it very difficult to see the future. Rome wasn't built in a day, an neither is the NDP. But when it comes, and is settled, and the franchise comes in, we will blow the competition away. Sugar daddies are gone, everyone has money now from this year. We are just gonna have serious bucketloads once the tie in kicks. Globalistaion is happening fast. We can watch any sport anytime anywhere. And Spurs are already the biggest club in the States. Brad our US ambassador, something no other club has. It is these little details that make me believe that the future is already resolved, and the rest is just going through the motions. We will see. Thats my view on it all anyway.

    1. We aren't sticking with UA, they are moving on to Southampton. Despite their growth Nike is a bigger company and you seem to assume they will stand still and just let UA take over, which they won't. Nike has greater reach, it makes sense to tie up with them at the moment.

  3. Clive, Nike has more money. I like UA, you like Nike. Simple as that, I never stated we would resign with UA. Chelsea have more money than us. Manchester both clubs have more than us. So why do we bother? I think strategically they are our best bet, but Nike puts up the dollar. They have been at the top for a long time, but every dog has it's day. Man Utd, Chelsea etc. I can't see what the point of supporting Spurs or this entire Blog is if we (or UA as an example in apparel/technology sports business) simply have no hope at all of changing our situation. Nike will not be number one forever. You surely know that, or hope that is true, otherwise you would never support a club like Spurs. There would be zero point in it, if you had zero chance of ever improving. At this moment Nike is the biggest by far. But you believe Spurs will leave Chelsea behind in the future, do you not? It seems totally odd on the one hand you tell your readers be positive, Kaizen, we can achieve anything we put our minds to. But we can't be bigger than the other clubs? Why not? Financially yes it probably makes sense to go to Nike. But the world is changing. It took Nike over 20 years to turn Jordan into a Billion dollar brand. it will not take that long to get Steph Curry up there. The world has moved on. No internet when Jordan was around. Now, I can get every single US sport in HD on my Tivo! No tours of China back then, where there are now 300 million active Basketball players. Thats over 3 times the UK population in basketball players alone. Nike will not roll over, that is obvious, but that is business. Same as, Chelsea won't roll over, or the Arsenal, but it doesn't mean we give it to them on a plate. UA are extremely good at what they do. Not allowed to sponsor Baseball, but make catchers gear. Why? Because the catcher is always on TV. Sponsor the NFL? How much does that cost Nike? UA sponsor all the undergraduate leagues and get every kid wearing their gear for years before they hit the draft, because only a handful will step up to the NFL, and the rest will play for fun. The fact is, people want change, they do not want to wear what their Dad is wearing. And UA will be the new brand for this generation, with the use of technology.

  4. I think UA in 20 years will be larger solely because they are diversifying and the world is massively opening up. China wants a global sports economy of over 800 billion us dollars in the next 9 years, with hopeful global estimates of the entire sports economy now at 400 billion US. And this is backed by the president. Look at Oscar, 60 million and 400K a week. Never ever worth that, but the big businesses are backing behind the president. Nike still rely on footwear massively, 60% of its revenue. I love your blog, it is the only Spurs one I read. But we all see things differently. I am long term UA. I think they will change our world. I think Plank will go down in terms of Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg. I really think this company has it all. Like Spurs at the moment, but with a few uncertainties thrown in too. They seem to mirror us, they have the ambition to be the best and take that spot. Young hungry and the underdog. It was just that I had some time on my hands and expressed my feelings on it. UA have been linked to Man City, which I cannot see in a million years. That is Nike land. They either have changed their strategy, or are crazy. Where the big money is. I would prefer to stick with the next generation of sportswear as it makes us future proof. If Villa had stayed up, they would of had 15% of the premier league teams. Whether we make the move or not, is all a nonsense. Just my personal view. 25 years ago, a mobile that took video calls was Star Trek shit, now it is normal. The future is coming one way or another, and I think they have the advantage. All businesses get complacent, then along comes a competitor. I just hope whatever happens it is right for the club. If Levy has said yes, the most money wins, fair enough. He is the Chairman, and ultimately has the final say. I trust him totally, as a businessman and a Chairman of my club. But I feel that this is not all that it seems. That there is another agenda, and that the NFL tie up shows that it is not inconceivable that the plans for the future stretch further than just a kit deal. So why is the Nike deal not in the public domain yet if was finalised so long ago? I think too much can go right or wrong for Spurs to sign a deal now. We could win the Premier League, then 50 Million for shirt and stadium looks poor value, when compared to Chelsea and Man Utd kit deals. Or we could implode and then it may look like a bargain. I am not disputing your claims, like football, it is all about opinions, and mine is, stick with the upstart, because one day they are going to be the number one, and are going off on an Athletic tangent. Footwear will be conformed to your actual foot size and shape, this is not the future, 3D body imaging is already being used by UA to make exact clothing to athletes requirements. They are up to all sorts of stuff, have a 5.5 Billion Complex to build and show no signs of slowing up. Nike release their financials later today after the closing bell. That may give us a sign of where they are heading right now, and if Adidas and UA are still taking market share off them. Interesting arguments, none of which really matters to either of us, but it interests me anyway.



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