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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Spurs fans wrong to reject Barkley


Spurs fans wrong to reject Barkley

There is plenty of transfer talk surrounding Everton midfielder Ross Barkley and it all seems to be about Spurs, the latest being the Daily Mirror suggesting Ronald Koeman is considering a swap deal with Moussa Sissoko. This no doubt has come from the imagination of the reporter as there is nothing in the story at all to back it up.

You then wander over to a forum to see what they make of it and the general consensus of opinion seems to be that Barkley isn't good enough and isn't wanted by fans at Spurs. I think they are all missing a rather important point.

Ross Barkley is a decent footballer who is out of favour perhaps. Mauricio Pochettino would look at him and ask himself whether he would fit at Tottenham. Fans seem to think he wouldn't, I think he probably would. More than that though, Pochettino would look at the player and ask, can I improve him.

The answer to that is a resounding yes. Barkley is only 23 (24 next December). He is of the right age for us and has bags of experience in the Premier League. In my view, and I wrote at the time, he should have left Everton when he had the chance and not signed a new contract, He, for me, was always going to stagnate at Everton, they simply can't buy enough of the quality of player he needs to be playing with.

One huge advantage Pochettino has is that he improves individual players, so we shouldn't just be looking at Ross Barkley now, we should also be asking can we improve him, what can he produce if we can improve him? He is out of form at the moment, he should be totally judged on what he is doing now as the forum dwellers are doing.

I think we could turn him into the top player everyone believed he would become and even if Sissoko is improving, I would take a swap deal every time.

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  1. Personally I think You're nuts. I am not a Sissoko fan but he looks like he could become a monster over last couple of games and I think he will change my opinion on him next season.

  2. Spurs need cover for Dembele and Sissoko when played centrally is the best available option with his pace and power. When he starts to run he is almost unstoppable.

    Barkley has failed to progress and currently would not improve the team. Both Eriksen and Ali would be ahead of him. Spurs should be looking for a wide player or striker with pace. Therefore, I would go for Zaha, Palace may be more open to selling him to raise funds for Big Sam.

  3. Barkley will not be coming to Spurs. We wouldn't get him for less than 40 mill and we don't buy players for that sort of money.
    Clive you said earlier that the Sissoko deal was only worth 30 mill if he completed his contract, so at a guess I would say we might go as high as 25 million and that wouldn't be enough. I think Barkley is a teriffic player and would love him at Spurs but we don't pull off transfers like that anymore.
    Happy christmas to everyone on a great blog. COYS

    1. He isn't worth £40m and I'd agree we shouldn't pay that much for him, nor will we. Merry christmas to your good self too.

  4. Sissoko is more suited to the NFL! Pace and power doesn't make a footballer. He runs in straight lines and has no subtlety to his play. Please let this story be true!

  5. Sissoko plays like a donkey. He was lucky to stay on the pitch after his horrendous tackle in the last game. He may be strong and powerful, but he lacks the football intelligence and consistency to become a top player for us.

  6. This post is really about swapping like for like.
    Perhaps the only advantage (over Sissoko) that Barkley has is his age.
    Personally I don't see the point. We have a new player that is beginning to settle so why make a change to accommodate yet another player at a crucial point in the season?

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