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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Sometimes you should sell a player


Sometimes you should sell a player

I recall writing at the time that the then WBA chairman, Jeremy Peace, had shot himself in the foot and done his club and supporters a disservice by not accepting the payment terms that matched the asking price he was asking for Saido Berahino. That was the summer of 2015.

It was clear to anyone that he would not sign a new contract, or that he wouldn't be committed to the club, thus making it impossible to play to the optimum of his ability. This season he has made just 4 Premier League appearances and hasn't scored a goal, last season he scored 4 goals in 31 appearances, hardly the performances of a £25 million (€29.81m - AUS$42.73m - US$30.94m) player, which in truth he was never worth.

Now the figure being talked about in January is £8 million (€9.54m - AUS$13.67m - US$9.90m) and that just so that he doesn't leave for free in the summer. They turned down £15 million (€17.87m - AUS$25.63m - US$18.57m) rising to £20 million (€23.83m - AUS$34.17m - US$24.76m) from Stoke City and Crystal Palace in the summer.

If you were getting a return from your player you could understand it, but when your player is not performing then it simply doesn't make sense. The money could have been used to help build WBA, now they may not get any for him at all. Five Premier League clubs are said to be watching the situation, Tottenham Hotspur, Stoke City, West Ham United, Watford and Everton. There are bound to be more and bound to be clubs in Europe too.

If you read what Tony Pulis writes Berahino isn't fit, he just needs games, yet Pulis isn't playing him to give him those games. He also has concerns over his mental state, which strongly suggest Berahino simply doesn't want to play for WBA after Peace reneged on promises Berahino felt he made to him. Again, that all seemed an obvious outcome at the time and so it seems now.

Of course the Daily Star, who are reporting our interest, have to throw into the mix a non-existent bidding war, something that very rarely happens in football, but something the press pretend happens all the time, it doesn't, you can't run a business along those lines.

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  1. Being a Spurs fan I really hope we don't go for Berahino, he's simply not good enough, he may be a Premiership player but he isn't a top 4 or 5 player. We need a class striker a winger and a midfielder that creates just like Mahmoud Dahoud, he is a class act.

    1. Never been a huge Berahino fan, I worry about his attitude. If we are really what he wants it could work but at the moment the speculation is simply because we were interested in him before probably. We have moved forward, he hasn't.

  2. he wants spurs so its a got to get played with kane for england they know each others game he is a goal scorer just what we need instead of square pegs in round holes



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