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Friday, 16 December 2016

Sissoko highlights a potential problem signing players in January

Sissoko highlights a potntial problem signing players in January

Moussa Sissoko is a prime example that simply spending money does not always immediately resolve an issue, that a player often needs time to adapt his game to a new club and new managers approach. We spent £30 million on proven goalscorer Roberto Soldado, although in the end he cost less than that as his add-on causes weren't met. He didn't adjust and Vincent Janssen is finding the same problem. Both worked tirelessly for the team, but the goalscoring chances came and went.

If Moussa Sissoko takes 3 months to adapt and thta is replicated by a January signing then they will only be of use for a few games in May, as most January signings happen at the end of January with clubs wanting to keep hold of players as long as possible.

“I found the intensity of the training difficult. The style of how he wants us to play. A lot of things. What we do at the training. It was a lot of change. Every manager has his style of training so now I understand everything.

“He is a physically demanding manager. That was a big change for me, because in my old team it was totally different.

"For me, the manager said what he thinks. I needed to understand his philosophy, but now it is OK. I know what he wants, I know what to do — and that’s what I will do.”

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  1. All players adapt to new systems, teams and managers at different rates. Players have different levels of intelligence.

    Just because Sissoko is slow at learning, it doesn't mean that other players will take as long.

    He is an average player anyway, who should be sold in January.

    1. That's why it is only a possible problem. It is more than intelligence though, there is a lot to learn and most of our signings take time to settle into Pochettino's system of play.



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