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Friday, 16 December 2016

Pochettino has been great for Walker

Pochettino has been great for Walker

Mauricio Pochettino spoke after the game about the tactics used, a change from the norm against Hull City, in what was a confortable win.

"This season we are working hard to try to develop different formations, different systems to use this season to try to provide the team different solution and today we believe it was a better way to play in the way that we play.

"Yes, very happy, working well. The first two goals srrive for very good actions from our full-back, first of all Danny Rose and then Kyle Walker. It was supporting in a higher position to use them like a wing-back. It was a team Hull who play very deep, try to use sometimes the long ball or always the long ball. It was important to be very vigilant with Diomande and Snodgrass and try to move the ball quick and try to use the side to try to penetrate and then to put three, four players in the box to try to score."

Clearly creating from the wings was the plan and the involvement further up the field of Rose and Walker. Many a fan call for a pacy traditional winger, but if you employ them in the modern game then the attacking full-back becomes rather redundant, which is a waste of personnel for much of the game.

Our defensive record show we don't need the full-backs defending most of the time, but to maraud up and down the wings. Kyle Walker has certainly been working on his delivery because it is showing marked improvement from previous seasons, indeed he seems to be developing his game where previously he was stagnating. His passing and composure on the ball are more impressive now than the lapses he had before.

It would be a waste to see Rose and Walker defending, stuck behind a traditional winger. They are the best full-backs in the Premier League because they have such an attacking threat to their game.

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