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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Pochettino: Dier not for sale

The Sporting Life tell us that Eric Dier has been in and out of Pochettino's team lately which is news to me, given he has been playing at centre-back since Toby Alderweireld was injured by Jan Vertonghen in October. Quite how you are in and out of a side when you have been playing every game for 2 months is a mystery.

Anyway, the news is that Mauricio Pochettino says there is no chance of Eric Dier moving amid nothing more than journalistic speculation. But then we all knew that anyway didn't we. It was always a non-story.

"Absolutely not. Eric Dier is our player. He extended his contract and improved his salary after the Euros. There is no doubt that his future is here at Tottenham."

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