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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Pochettino and Levy - Old bews is new news


It is being reported by the Telegraph and then bu other websites that Daniel Levy has handed over the control of football operations to Mauricio Pochettino. Tottenham of course have a directoe of football operations who controls the businss side of it anyway and that hasn't changed.

For years Daniel Levy has searched for a manager who could build something, none wuite frankly came close and until they have proved to be what the club require it would be lunacy to give them control. You help them build a squad yes, but you have to see whether they have the man management skills and the business skills to build a conveyor belt of talent, get the youth set-up performing and still find time to develop players already at the club.

There hasn't been a manager who has come close to that in 10 years. We called them coaches to demonstrate they were only involved in the footballing side, a right move while you search for that special coach who can make a difference. Coaches/managers are no different to players, there are average one and then there are a few top quality ones.

Finding a top quality manager wasn't difficult, but none wanted to come to Tottenham so we had to find the next top quality manager. We had to find someone with the ability who had not made it yet, someone on the way up and hand them an unbelievable opportunity to build th footballing side of the whole club, not just the first team.

That man was Mauicio Pochettino so the Telegraph news that he has control is not really news, he has had for a while and that was clearly always the plan.

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