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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Not much chance of Pochettino leaving for Atletico Madrid

The Sunday Mirror suggest Atletico Madrid will target Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino if fellow Argentinian Diego Simeone leaves in the summer as he has suggested he might. What a surprise this story appear immediately before a game Tottenham are playing in. One wonders why!

I'm surprised Whoscored don't understand the football world enough to know that when we sold Luka Modric and Garteth Bale we were not in the position we are now. Then we were a stepping stone club to get to a top four club, now we are not and that makes a big difference to transfer policy.

Mauricio Pochettino is a loyal man, he left Espanyol and Southampton because the boards of the two clubs changed their projects, new personnel meant a new direstion which didn't fit with the previous projects Pochettino was working on.

At Tottenham he has found a chairman who has been searching for just this type of manager, one who can improve players and who can build the clubs future. Pochettino has started that project and I have no doubt will want to see it through to trophies. He has prepared for the building of a new stadium and the costs associated with that by getting together a young squad who will grow, alleviating the need to keep spending in the transfer windows.

He only signed a new contract in May and turned down Manchester United, just as he will turn down Atletico Madrid should an offer eventually be made. Tottenham did more research on Pochettino than on probably any other manager we have appointed. We went into his background and character in great detail because we had to appoint a manager who would stay with us through the building work.

The club simply could not afford to bring in a new manager and have him want to change a squad to suit himself, thus Pochettino was researched and appointed. He'll be going nowhere.

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  1. Shame really because hes tactically inept and will do nothing at Spurs



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