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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

No point throwing away all the hard work now

Mauricio Pochettino arrived at the club in 2014 and began building Spurs for the future. What had happened previously is irrelevant to his tenure, the building of the current football side of Tottenham began there. can supporters expect us to be the finished article at the moment? 

No, our strategy is to build a squad to cope with the financial constraints of building a new stadium, yet still compete for trophies. We have made progress from where we were in 2014 certainly and there is naturally still much to do.

To build something you must first analyse what you have, decide what you don't need and what you do need from the resources you have and gradually build your squad. While you are building you have to retain players you would prefer to replace and we have seen that is the case with the admission we have had to overplay the core of our side and that they need a rest.

The squad still needs strengthening, we know that but wages are always an issue for us, we simply can't compete until we have the income from the new stadium, so it isn't quite as simplistic as simply going out and buying a top quality player or two. They have to want to come to Tottenham for a start and although it may shock some fans, not every player wants to come to Tottenham. 

The building off the field is linked to the building on the field and it has been a slow process getting the stadium constructed, but the end is in sight, well the building of it anyway. It is difficult for some to be patient, but patient they must be for just a little while longer. No point throwing away all the hard work now.

"It is our dream to win the Premier League. It is our premier competition. For us, it is our first step. I am very happy here -- it is a big club with lots of supporters and it is a fantastic club to achieve big things with. 
"We finished third in the league last season. It was a tough summer because the way that we finished the season was bad. We showed some weakness at the end that we need to try and work out. 
"We are a better team than last season, and I think now we are in a good position to try to achieve good results. It is true that the Premier League is tougher than last season because all the big teams are improving their squads, but we are confident in ours. 
"A good challenge is to arrive at the new stadium and, at that moment, be in the position to fight for titles."

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  1. I'm not expecting us to compete for anything until at least 2025 because we haven't got anything like the funds available to Arsenal or Chelsea, Man utd and Man City, Liverpool, all of them have far more money than us.
    Frankly I'm suprised that we compete as well as we do!

    1. 2025? No mate another top 4 finish for sure and dont give up on this year so fast wins in our next 3 games and we are likely to be as high as second after 20. To be certain of CL we shoulf also focus on Europa to provide two bites at the cherry

  2. I agree , don't give up way to early to call this season. I would say we have a stronger squad but have suffered a little loss of player form , which can change overnight. Bang , bang a couple of goals from Harry and the whole tempo of the side will increase.
    Get Lamela back & hope that Vincent comes back with a comfidence boost and we will be alright.
    Top 3 in my opinion and that must be looked apon as way ahead of our overall big plan.
    I have always loved the 3 at the back , sweeper system ( nothing to do with Chelsea's succsess ) and with Rose & Walker there are none better to play that way & it looks like The Poch is comming around to it.



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