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Sunday, 11 December 2016

No Daniel Levy blunder

HITC are running a story about a Daniel Levy blunder by the board selling Gylfi Sigurdsson not Pochettino and paid far too much attention to Pochettino's subsequent PR remarks. Every manager bigs up old players, it is something for the press to talk about. They like to highlight a danger.

The fact of the matter is Gylfi Sigurdsson wanted to leave, he asked to leave and Swansea City would only do a deal for Ben Davies if Sigurdsson rejoined them, as he wanted to do. There were no blunders involved, you don't keep players who don't want to be at your club. Pochettino sold Bentaleb (loan with a purchase option) because the Algerian didn't want to be at Spurs warming the bench, he asked to leave.

Sigurdsson didn't like playing on the left and wanted to play central, where Dele Alli now plays. He was ineffectual as an inverted winger and there is no reason to suggest it would have been any different under Pochettino.

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