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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Nike shows Spurs are still a way behind


Tottenham Hotspur and Nike concept shirt

I was thinking about the comments of Coco Hughes that I reproduced as two articles and the reply from Martyn Giles in the context of Nike being our shirt sponsors and probably our stadium sponsors too.

A worldwide brand gives us access to markets worldwide to expand the Tottenham Hotspur name and it does need expanding as we have a way to go yet before we can compete on level terms with the richer clubs ahead of us.

You only have to look at the kit deals Nike have struck with ourselves and Chelsea to see the difference and the 2014 Manchester United Adidas kit deal.

Manchester United - Adidas £75 million a season
Chelsea - Nike £60 million a season
Tottenham Hotspur - Nile £25 million a season

Qualifying for the UEFA Champions League once, getting into the top four once, isn't enough to bridge the financial gap that keeps us having yo punch above pour weight. If you take into account Chelsea have a £10 million a year deal for training kit and a £40 million a year shirt sponsorship deal, we still have a long way to go before we are a competitive commercial force and that that money can then be used for the furtherance of the playing staff.

Nike have been a constant name when discussing naming rights and their marketing expertise can only benefit the Tottenham Hotspur brand as we soon begin our NFL journey and link to the growing USA market.

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  1. Nike have plateaued whilst Under Armor are on a rising wave of innovation and have yet to really try to impact Europe. IMO UA are a far better long term plan and while we deal with Nike we will always be in the shadow of Abramovitch's billions which had no little to do with the size of their payment to Chelsea.

    1. Your specialty? Nike will never give THFC the same or more than Chelsea. To think so is naïve. Go check the US opinion on both...but we all know that you will not

    2. Who gives a flying fuck what the septics think??
      Get that shitty country out of our sport! FOOTBALL not fucking soccer!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Qualifying for the UEFA Champions League once - Incorrect.

    Getting into the top four once - Incorrect.

    1. Under Pochettino it is correct - the point was about qualifying each season not once every 8 years. I'm sorry that you need such details explained to you, I assumed that was obvious, obviously I was incorrect!

    2. You sound really pompous in that message mate! Try the preview before you send!

    3. I credit people with a level of intelligence and your comment seems tome to assume that people can't think for themselves. I shouldn't have to explain things in minute detail in my view.

    4. "I credit people with a level of intelligence" - how pompous can one be?

      Not once does the article even mention Pochettino, so your argument that it should be assumed, just to suit your argument is pure lazy. Worst yet, everyone already knew this story and the comparison between other clubs. "People can't think for themselves" - I think you suffer from a moderate case of Elitism. Merry Christmas.

  4. Should of stuck with Under Armour. For starters Nike will just give us a generic looking shirt that they give to all the other clubs (Same thing Adidas do). UU were making a nice effort to design good kit.

    Secondly UU is a cool up and coming brand that will keep on growing. Spurs would be right there in the middle of it. With Nike, Spurs will always be a side show compared with their bigger sponsorships.

  5. Has anyone experienced problems with the sizing of the UA stuff.
    I wasted money buying XL tops…they were simply too tight. I’m not 2XL with other sports labels but that’s what I have to buy to get a reasonable fit and it’s normally the larger sizes that are out of stock at the Spur’s Shop.
    p.s. I also have a Heritage pull that has separated at the seams twice.

  6. just remember how good does nike hart lane sound..?!?!
    ill take that over AIA bowl!

  7. Nike have had absolutely fuck all to do with Spurs. Nothing. At all. Under Armour have been our partner. They are the reason we are doing so well in the US. Not Nike. Forget this myopic, I love the Swoosh shit and look at the facts. We have improved with UA as a partner. I believe that UA technologies have improved our performances. We are the perennial underdog. So are they. They are making stuff that Nike are not. You talk about their marketing. Win advert of the year did they? No, Ua did. Michael Phelps, most decorated Olympian of all time. They also smashed the Olympics without having to pay ludicrous money to be an official sponsor. They got Anthony Joshua, next Heavyweight champion of the world. Last year they every major US MVP. They also snapped up all the junior leagues so every player is wearing UA from the off. They are cleverer, they are faster, and smarter. Nike is concentrating more on fashion,. Go to any gym and have a look around. The reason we know very little about UA is because the UK is small. An important market, but small. 300 million basketball players in China, and you have the 2 time NBA MVP, 6'3", Steph Curry, who proves that you do not have to be a giant to play. Toured China last 2 summers. Practice practice practice. People relate to that. America loves Steph Curry, more than any NBA player. They are a young company. They bought Endomondo. 40 million users in Scandinavia. They hardly sell a thing there, but the app is now Under Armour Endomondo. India next year, now they have opened 200 stores in China this year alone. Why? Look at the country, upward mobile, massive market, huge. The connected fitness race was won by UA before it even started, Nike connected fitness platform, check out the numbers. It does not mean they are inferior. Nike has more money, they are bigger, have been around longer. That is all they bring to the table. Money. UA bring a wealth of data, something you yourself Clive, said is so important in sport now. How we pick players, etc. This same data is being collected by UA voluntarily by people to make athletes better. Yes, they sell shirts and shoes, bread and butter. Take the blinkers off and research the company.

  8. I think we have been in the top four three times and qualified for the Champions League twice. Still doesn't detract main message of article - that Spurs have lots of catching up to do on pulling power. Just check difference in Twitter followers e.g.

  9. Why does the second part of my post keep disappearing?

  10. Nike making back to the Future shoes, with motors to self tie laces (that actually have to be manually adjusted, yes how stupid), while UA have completed on tracking in shoes, muscle fatigue jump test, bluetooth your shoes to your phone, shake them once, synced. They haven't even made it to the UK yet. 3D printed shoes, sold out in minutes. Modernisation of the entire apparel manufacturing industry. Why should a sportswear company do that? To get ahead of the competitors. Why? The future. Products can be designed and brought to market, faster, personalised, less overheads, less wastage, morally right to employ in each country, and direct to consumer (Web sales through UA record) boost profits further without a middle man. No phone on the run now, slip on your shoes, out the door. 20 dollars more. The future is every single shoe having that technology, to track your kids steps, to fight diabetes, or obesity issues. Which would you have on a pitch? Self tying laces, or a shoe that can give you every players vitals in game. Think Fabrice Muamba now. UA may have stopped that happening. Heart rate etc all in game. They have 200 million downloads. Lets just presume 1/3rd of those are active. Roughly the size of the entire UK uploading everything globally. They know more about our health than us or our doctor. UA record is able to be put into Health services globally. Think about 10 years not now, even your fridge will be connected. Milk sensor sets off, pour milk, under 1 litre replaced, order Tesco immediately on your shopping list. If you cannot see this vision, then you are not using your phone enough. It is already there. Science and technology are moving at lightning speeds. Monkeys with paralysed arms, having brain chip implants, then using the arm again. The world has changed mate, you just haven't noticed. I am no cool young dude believe me, but I know what is happening, I see it every day. Kevin Plank just had a couple of rounds with Obama in the last few months. Obama head to toe UA. Now, you do not ever get a friendly 3 hour round with the US president unless you are bringing something to the table. Plank higher on the sports influential list than either Nike big boy. They are coming, and coming fast. AUDERE EST FACERE. To Dare is to do. If you do not believe in that, support another club. We dared to partner with a young company, who, like us, are the underdog. We Dare to be the best, so do they. It has worked pretty well so far. I think on this one, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Or change our motto to PLAY IT FUCKIN SAFE AND TAKE THE MONEY. All i ever said was that i feel UA are the right partner at the right time. They have gone down a very different path to Nike. If we leave I think it will be regretted down the line. They can provide more than money alone. and it is these small improvements that will make us better. Kaizen, a word you mention a lot. Whether we go Nike or not, doesn't matter a shit. Just my own personal opinion of a situation that I have researched, analysed and came to a conclusion. I have not just sat here and said NIKE NIKE NIKE NIKE. Thats all I am hearing back. No argument, except they are bigger, they have more cash. Thats Chelsea and Man City land mate. Lists of clubs Nike have thrown money at mean nothing.

  11. Take it off again, we all know why. You have no argument. Why do you not want your readers to read this second post. You have slighted me with pre - set vision, et al the little digs. You would like to think your finger is on the pulse with hip Nike. Your age belies you. You are now letting your Ego get in the way of the question. You used my post as 2 articles and will not even let me say why I think that. Just because you love Air Jordans? Get over it, Nike is longer the brand it was. Still a giant, Like Man Utd, but will fade in the future, just like they are now. UA are the Spurs of the sports industry. One small jump away from really making it. But for some reason, you really do not want to hear it. I only have a few UA products, no Nike. Mine, was a rational decision based on evidence. Yours is Nike wins okay, got it, cause I like Jordans. You sound exactly like the other guy, with Jordans, not Moutinho. So childish, use my post, and then delete my response. Absolutely ridiculous.

  12. Having done some research on the internet, and deliberately avoiding all the marketing stuff, UA is a company that only use synthetic fibres in their products i.e. polyester.
    Polyester is a petroleum product hence it’s current popularity (cheapness) in the textile industry.
    Polyester has the lowest absorption rate of any synthetic fibre (3>5%) hence when one examines UA products that are ‘next to the skin’ rayon has been added to the synthetic mix.
    Rayon has the highest absorption rate of synthetic fibres (95%) and is a ‘cellulose’ arrived at by a lengthy process from trees.
    So when you see some of the ‘fabric claims’ from this company I would take them with a pinch of salt, both synthetic fibres have been around for sometime.
    Myself, I much prefer sports items that are 100%, or include, cotton (50>60% absorption rate) in their make-up and that’s why my preferred sports brand is Adidas.
    In other words it’s the quality of the product that, for me is paramount, and not the marketing claims of the producer.
    Call me old-fashioned…yep I guess so.

  13. Their app is synthetic too. Rayon in it. You like cotton.
    Mens Under Armour UA Merino 1/4 Zip Golf Sweater. A high quality golf pullover fabricated in merino wool with a zip neck that also features a 'moisture transport system' which actively wicks moisture away from the body. Detailed with ribbed sides, cuffs, collar and hem for durability and fit. Finished with contrast zippers and 'Under Armour' embroidered logo on the left chest. 100% Merino Wool - Loose fit

    Wool. 100%.

    4 seconds.


    1. Hiya Coco,
      I did mention above that my Heritage pull (merino wool) has come apart at the seams twice. In itself not a big deal but an irritant nevertheless given the price.
      I'm simply relating my experience with items purchased (online) from the Spurs Shop.
      That said, given the instability of the oil price does it make sense for THFC to align itself with a brand whose products are heavily influenced by that price?
      Would it not be better to chose a brand whose product uses both synthetic & natural fibres and, who have the technology to mix their fibres so that their product retains quality & price efficiency?

  14. This blog doesn't like Tottenham much does it!

  15. To Nike's marketing machine , Tottenham are a dream . Firstly they are a young energetic team based in London , a brand new brand , a brand new stadium which will host NFL games and the fastest growing fanbase in the states and Asia . Nike will be extremely pleased to have Spurs on board



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