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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

New Stadium


New Stadium

The second part of Coco Hughes comments on a previous post and his take on the Spurs NFL Under Armour Nike situation.

200 million people are signed up to UA apps. They may only be a sixth of the size of Nike at this moment but are growing at such a speed that a stadium tie up would be immense for them and us. They are freely acquiring data that we give them, and using this to improve athletes. 200m people uploading foods, workouts, and much more. 

They turn over 5 billion US dollars a year and have not scratched the surface outside the US. They will grow faster than any company in recent history. Over 20% growth YOY (year-on-year) for over 26 quarters. We may well go with Nike, solely because they pay more money, although I hope not. 

Yes money is needed, but so is a proper strategy and future proof business. Being a Yid has always meant being an underdog, and I really hope we stick with UA, as I truly believe in the long run, they will be the best partner, due to the technology the are using, and the future they have. Check out the Lighthouse, and some of the stuff they are doing. 

I believe that this company will change the world we live in, and I want Spurs to be one of the catalysts of that. As the world is changing, UA are changing with it. they are trying to go local for local in every country that they sell in. Made and sold in that country. They have changed 100-year-old manufacturing processes and brought them up to date. 

They are looking at everything possible to improve athletes and stay in the boundaries of a decent company with morals and principles. Nike etc, has the old, if it ain't broke don't fix it philosophy. That means cheap labour, far east production. Kaizen is the word. 

As you know, there is no possible way we would have gone to this expense for 2 games a season for a few years. 2021 equals franchise time. We need to get through best we can until then. The team and manager is signed, Wembley will be very hard, then the NDP, then the money Stateside will come in. 

Still a few years away from where we want to be, but certainly going in the right direction. But hey, like most Spurs fans, let's blame Danial Levy for losing a game because he didn't buy Messi. I really find it hard to fathom how fans (not supporters) slag him off. Unfortunately too many people live in the minute and find it very difficult to see the future. 

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is the NDP. But when it comes, and is settled, and the franchise comes in, we will blow the competition away. Sugar daddies are gone, everyone has money now from this year. We are just gonna have serious bucketloads once the tie-in kicks. 

Globalisation is happening fast. We can watch any sport anytime anywhere. And Spurs are already the biggest club in the States. Brad our US ambassador, something no other club has. It is these little details that make me believe that the future is already resolved, and the rest is just going through the motions. We will see. Thats my view on it all anyway.
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  1. "I really find it hard to fathom how fans (not supporters) slag him off. Unfortunately too many people live in the minute and find it very difficult to see the future"

    Oh the irony of that statement!
    It is Levys long term failures that most supporters criticise, the fact that he has churned through managers in his relatively short tenure, more than most other clubs have had in their existence and each manager costs the club money.
    The fact that Levy makes managers promises (you're an imbecile if you don't think he does this) and then fails to fulfill them.
    The fact that Levy goes with the cheaper option and then fails to strengthen the squad at vital juncture.

    I could go on but I'l end with this, my most recent criticism and I will use your words (whoever wrote these comments, I appreciate that the site didn't compile this drivle) so if it is inaccurate it because YOU ARE talking a load of scrotal juice:
    Levy played poker with the club and it's heritage, he abused the loyalty of the fans AND did it so that he could increase the clubs value for the share holders by conning money out of the British taxpayers stained funds.
    YOU said that he played poker with the club, you said that he did it to get money from the government. If none of its true this criticism isn't valid but like I said, I'l use YOUR words.

    Nothing Levy does is done for the fans/supporters (I see little difference in that minutae but you seem to), it is ALWAYS for the share holders.

    1. Ps, we don't have shareholders, that evil Daniel Levy delisted us so we no longer had shareholders to worry about.

    2. I am not bothered about the argument here, but although the club is delisted, it is factually incorrect to state the club has no shareholders. That suggests your basic company and accounting knowledge is lacking. Perhaps you meant public tradable shareholdings? Even then, that is incorrect since shares can be auctioned through the Capita platform announced less than 12 months ago by the club.

    3. Long term failures? Look at where we were before ENIC, and look today. Yes, we went through some managers. No other club has ever done that. Harry went, after he fucked us and admitted he would leave whilst we blew a 13 point lead, Loyalty eh? So you would have kept AVB? Tim was always short term, and knew it. Do well, 6 months it's yours, if not, leave and get a 400% pay rise elsewhere. The only supporters who feel like you, are the new breed who look solely at money. Levy has slowly and efficiently turned a shit Spurs into a near Global club. Champions League is nothing now compared to Premier. World class Training ground, new 61,000 multi purpose ground with NFL franchise coming. Really fucked that one up eh? First chairmen to get Cup and League sponsors, dickhead eh? We did not have a sugar daddy, nor indeed did I want one.I think we have done everything impeccably, (Stubhub aside, but I get the reasoning behind it), we stayed within our means and planned for the future, stole the Wembley NFL deal, (Thats why they were so arsey with us). Levy never played poker with the club, he played poker with the Mayor of London, and government. We were never leaving, he just made sure we got an incentive to stay, and used West Ham as leverage. Don't worry though, Sadiq Khan is having a little look into that deal!! Conning the public, talk about scrotal juice mate. So he sacks a few managers who did not perform or were not loyal. Every club does that does it not? So he did not back AVB with the Bale money? Talking shit about something you know nothing about. Cheaper option? Training ground then, we would have stayed put would we not? New ground then, Stay at the Lane, and chuck a tier somewhere, wouldn't he? Cheaper options are they not? Throw in all the kids when Bale left and keep 100 million in your pocket, cheaper option? We have done nothing but improve on and off the field since ENIC, but hey, we couldnt afford Moutinho, so Levy is a cunt? The Capita email went to every member and season ticket holder. I suggest you read them before talking, in your own words Scrotal Juice. Fans come on board when you are doing well, have a new ground, win the league. Supporters would be attending if we were League One. I know which I am, and I know which you are. Amazing how Government money is never, ever earmarked for regeneration isn't it? I could go on........No you fuckin couldn't, because your argument is fuckin completely stupid. Levy sacked a manager i liked, what a wanker. I love the idea of Levy as a master criminal. Why would a chairman want to fuck his club up?? You have no basic knowledge of the structure of a business, let alone a football club. Fuckin Twat.

    4. well said my friend apart from to many Fs & Cs we have come so far from Enic Levi is doing a top job with the help of Uncle Joe we will never get in the same mess as we were until Suger & Venners saved us they were sad days the fans should remember how close we were from folding and stop slagging off our owners and trust Levi to make sure we are never in that position again

  2. Firstly, where was the irony you promised at the start of your comment?

    Secondly, and I'll be brief because we both know this conversation has gone on for years and no fan has ever listened to another and actually hanged their mind, so we both know neither of our comments actually serve a purpose other than to make us feel better.

    But the stuff you list as failures are acceptable failures. You're spending too much time looking at the details and not the results. Fact is, Daniel Levy has made us a big club again, has raised expectations, has given us he best training centre in Europe and is on the way to delivering one of the best stadiums in the country.

    But why focus on that? You once read something in the Sun (so it definitely wasn't made up bolox) that said AVB was promised Joao Moutinho and he didn't get him, fuck you Levy for Bringing us back from the dead, you've definitely sacked too many managers... ignore the fact those managers made you promises they couldn't keep as well. They promised you they would bring youth through and could work within financial constraints (you know, due to that little stadium we're building) then bitches and moaned all the way through about lack of funds.

    I wouldn't swap Levy for anyone else,

    I accept your opinion, I just don't understand it. And also, I don't really accept it.

    A philosopher (can't remember which) said you can split the world into two groups, the 80% and he 20%... the 20% think for themselves, they use results and balances opinion to make a judgement, the 80% stick with their default position and will look for any evidence to help them cement that position. The 20% can spot the 80% a mile off because of their defensive reasoning and lack of balance... the 80% will never accept they are in the catergory and will never really listen to reason....

    Having said that, this comment was wholely pointless.

    1. Thank you for saying this, so I didn't have to. Martyn, I probably shouldn't engage with you... turns of phrase including 'scrotal juice' betray who you really are. You may not agree with his choices, but what do you know about running a football club in the last 10 years? Just to pick up on some of your aggrivating points, there is a myth that says long term managers = progress. Exceptional figures such as Ferguson and Wenger have given rise to the opinion that its the only way to do things, and indeed its a wonderful situation to strive for, but it isn't the rule. Just look at Spurs, that team you 'support'. If it wasn't Levy's - sometimes imperfect - stewardship that has driven us up the league on a small budget while not only safeguarding but potentially delivering an enormous future, then what has done that?

      The reality is that there are clubs everywhere who envy what Spurs have achieved and the way we try to do things. It is excruciating to see 'fans' belittle this.

      Martyn, save your 'scrotal juice', please don't breed...

    2. Wholly pointless comment but I fuckin loved it. Some people still believe everything they read. Even in the Daily Star.

  3. 'And Spurs are already the biggest club in the States'

    Forget 1 unofficial survey that had spurs top, we are more like 5th, Chelski, United, Liverpool and Arse way above us in the States ATM, but catching up.

    1. I see your point. But as you said unofficial. Look at polling on Brexit and Trump/Hilary. It depends where you do it. Go outside Oxford University, and you are guaranteed a Remain vote. We are already getting in the heads of the US market. UA helps that, the NFL franchise coming helps that too. Brad Friedel helps that, Clint Dempsey helped that. Premier League viewing is bigger than the MLS now in the States. And they love an underdog. Like UA. They will sell their kids to the Premier League cheap, as it only enhances their reputation as a football country, and gives them a global stage.

  4. One league cup in 15 years I don't think is very good for a club who charges the most expensive season ticket. Considering how much the club gets from tv this is disgusting and if Enic had their way we would have ended up a Stratford Enic really don't care about the fans never have never will

    1. Most expensive season ticket. Your forgetting the ar#e up the road who's cheapest ticket is not far off our most expensive. They had to pay for their stadium as do we. Levy has done a good job. We all too easily forget the heady days of finishing g top of the bottom half and seeing it as success. The days where we got thumped away at Sheffield wed and newcastle....barely winning any away games.How can you blame levy for running g he club as a business when your trying to get together half a billion pounds to develop for the future. I'd love to see you get 500k together and build a new house without thinking about moving from where you live now because it's cheaper.

    2. You do realise we are in London and prices are more expensive in London don't you?

    3. please explain how we are to afford the new stadium if we don't allocate most our resources into it. Our tickets are expensive because we're a London club with a huge waiting list... a key reason we are building a new stadium.

      do you think it was disgusting how we built the best training ground in the country and encourage, possibly more than any other major team in the league, local youth players to have a route into the first team?

      Whether you like it or not, winning league cups aren't the measure of a club. Are you blind to the progress we've made? In fact, when you consider our position in the league when the PL and UCL TV money started to flow in (which basically cut off clubs in the top 4 from everyone else because the money flowed almost entirely in their direction), are there many other clubs who have made a more constant and consistent upward trajectory?

  5. I was just wondering would it be possible to blank out the shadow of the sun when watching a Spurs home match on TV , when one can`t get to the matches and must be contented with the TV the shadow is one great pain in the neck it covers 1/2 to 3/4 of the pitch , can a system be added to the building of the stadium to cancel out this pain .

    1. Fabulous point. It does doesn't it, a new stadium might help, perhaps we are building it just to solve this very problem!

  6. Martyn Giles, you are everything our club do not need! I was born and grew up in Tottenham during the great periods of the 50's and 60's watching a football legend develop and Danny Levy continues to build on that legend and take us to another level. If you don't have the intelligence and vision that most Spurs fans have then keep your negative, spiteful and unfathomable comments to yourself and leave the running of our great club to people who understand how to run it!!! COYS!

  7. UA are not an ethical company as seen from the recent Hunting Sponsorship controversy. You can't state they have decent moral and principals. I for one will not be purchasing any further UA products.

  8. UA immediately dropped the Persons involved and the hunt was LEGAL. From a moral view, they pulled away immediately after this incident, so how can you say otherwise? It happened, they dropped the people involved, although it was legal in every way, and then distanced themselves from them? So if a hoodie stabs me in a Nike top, I will boycott them? I think they done everything they could possibly do, as fast as possible, in a bad situation. Nike dropped Tiger Woods, people do very stupid things, and the sponsoring company cannot be held responsible surely? All they can do is act on the incident, which they did, and said we do not want to be associated with hunting in that way. Bet you don't mind Messi stashing his money offshore and screwing the taxman though? Stop you buying Adidas though does it?



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