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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Mandžukić not suitable for Spurs


Mandžukić is not suitable for Spurs

In the midst of building a new stadium Tottenham can not afford to start throwing away £30 million on a player, plus their wages, if there is going to be no return on the investment.

In other words, Tottenham can not go out and spend big money on a 30-year-old striker as the clowns at HITC suggest. Mario Mandžukić has never player Premier League football so his success is not guaranteed.

He is a 30-year-old who will be 31 before next season starts, thus his transfer value is going downwards, meaning no return on your investment. Is he really going to want to play second fiddle to Harry Kane? The Croatian hasn't been a huge success in the slow paced game in Italy, not being a first choice selection for Juventus.

How can HITC claim he is pout-of-favour and then tell us he has done well in Italy? 14 goals in 43 Serie A games isn't anything special, he has 4 in 16 games this season. Atletico Madrid sold him because they didn't feel he was a success there, again he was not a first choice striker for them so it is stretching the point to say he was a success in Spain also. He excelled at Bayern Munich, where he played for the best team in the land against inferior opposition every week. His track record after that isn't that great.

In 2014 he was on a 5m euros salary, that will have no doubt gone up since then so he is going to be on £100,000-a-week. His record doesn't suggest he guarantees goals and how long would it take him to adapt to our pressing style, given the striker has to do a lot of pressing and he is not exactly a spring chicken in football terms.

He isn't what we need, he doesn't have enough ticks in the right boxes, PSG are welcome to a swap deal for him. Plenty more fish in the sea and more suitable ones for us too, especially at £30m. there are just too many down sides.

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