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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Mabbutt - good forfuture captain Dier to play in two positions

Former Spurs captain and centre-half Gary Mabbutt was a vocal player, he was always urging players on and demanding more of the. Off the field the public saw a calm collected figure.

He won 16 England caps and played for us between 1982 and 1998 collecting a UEFA Cup in 1984 and an FA Cup in 1991.

In the Spurs programme notes he tells fans that he feels Eric Dier should be more in that image if he wants to become a future Spurs captain, in fact possibly a future England captain.

"Absolutely [he has got leadership qualities]. I still think he could maybe, at times, be a little bit more vocal on the pitch and be a bit more demanding of the players around him, but he's still a youngster and he's still learning the game. 
"That said, if he can continue to progress as he has done in the last couple of seasons, then he's really got a fantastic future in front of him. If he can perhaps command the players around him a little bit more, I think Eric can be a future captain of the club. 
"I used to love playing in different positions because it gives you far more experience of the whole game in terms of knowing what's going on around you and knowing what different skills are required for different roles. 
"The more Eric can play in two positions, I think it's a good learning curve. When you're young like him, I don't think it's harmful at all to be moved around a bit. It will only increase his experience and his abilities."


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