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Friday, 30 December 2016

Is there an opportunity for Spurs in China?


It was only a couple of years ago that I was writing about breaking into the Chinese market and Spurs have been undertaking work in the region. Ledley King has paid several visits, but it is only now we are seeing the scale of support for football there.

It is clear with all the money being offered that they love quality footballers and quality football. The Chinese rulers see it as a way of bridging human rights gaps in policy and forging closer links with Europe with the resulting increase in trade.

Emerging markets are n important source of sponsorship and commercial deals. If I were in Tottenham's commercial department I'd be trying to negotiate a deal with companies out there or with the Chinese Super League itself. being state backed they would get the exposure throughout the world they are looking for as the Premier |League is shown around the world, plus with the NFL tie-up, they would get TV exposure to the emerging American market.

The last thing we should be doing is waiting for somebody else to make a deal there, we should be the pioneers of major sponsorship from the region. Commercially, it is an untapped market, rips for deals.

The Chinese Super League is simply throwing money at players to go there and play, our own Paulinho went and others have followed. Football is a means to an end so money will continue to be thrown at it until it is firmly established and a league to take note of in the eyes of the footballing world.

Shanghai Shenhua have made Carlos Tevez the highest paid player in the world, above Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Carlos Tevez's Shanghai wage breakdown: 
- £32m a year 
- £615,000 a week 
- £88,000 a day 
- £3,660 an hour 
- £61 a minute 
- £1 a second 

Cristiano Ronaldo was offered £85.58 million (€100m) annual salary to go and Real Madrid were offered a £256.73 million (€300m) transfer fee.

Axel Witsel is being offered a £3.85 million (€4.5m) annual salary by Juventus, while the Chinese have offered him £15.39 million (€18m) annually.

The league is state-backed, the money for this is coming from them rather than the clubs generating the income to support such wages.

There is money to burn there, no wonder players are tempted to go. The level of football may not be great but a few years and the bank balance is looking very healthy, not that top footballers really need it.

Should we be taking advantage of some of the money floating around there, I think we should. Thge Chinese Super League stadium for £100 million a year insead of £25 million from Nike anyone?

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