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Friday, 9 December 2016

Is a lack of academy players causing relegation?

The graphic above  which comes from Tottenham Academy on Twitter quickly demonstrates which clubs have a success youth developmet set up at the moment.

You would have though that the likes of Bournemouth or Hull City would have a strong academy coming from the Championship in recent seasons. Perhaps that is a reason why some teams struggle. Always having to buy is not a good business model, it is only sustainable if you have the income and under Financial Fair Play rules you can only send a percentage of income of transfers I believe.

A look at the relegation situation at the moment sees Swansea City bottom of the table in 20th who have played no academy players so far this season, Hull City (19th), no academy players played so far this season.

Sunderland (18th) have bucked the trend and have three playing (they are now winning and climbing the table), West Ham United (17th) have only Mark Noble who is now 29 (30 next May), Leicester City (16th) have two playing and one of those, Andy King, is 28 (29 next October), Burnley (15th) only one player, Crystal Palace (14th) also have only played one academy player this season, Wilfred Zaha.

Perhaps a few more Premier League sides should invest more in their youth setups and build a sustainable future instead of relying on TV money. A few bad buys and they could be relegated with all the problems that can bring, some never recover.


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