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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

I never touched him ref

We always knew it took place, those of us who watched football in the 70's against foreign opposition. It was obvious they were diving and falling over whenever they could.

As a fan watching you just knew they practised the art to make it look real. We yelled cheat. Now we have brought them into this country and the art has spread, now every club practices diving, or simulation or making th most of minimal contact or instigating contact and feigning injury.

Who was it who blatently dived for Newcastle at their place last season without even being touched?

“In Argentina, yes, the people sometimes practise that, it’s true. But many years ago. Now I don’t know. But when I was a player always it was part of training to try to cheat. At Newell’s, many, many years ago it was part of practice. 
 “It was 15 years ago when Owen dived. Don’t believe that English football is fair play always because Owen jumped like he was in a swimming pool. Come on. I didn’t touch him. I promise you. It’s true."


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