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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Guess work from the Sun


I see Football Insider are trying to con us that we have lined up a new defender, the BBC have confirmed not Tottenham then!

Hugo Lloris is very happy at Tottenham and isn't gping anywhere is what we can deduce from Mauricio Pochettino, but that doesn't stop the Sun trying to make waves and suggest we are lining up Joe Hart to take over.

It is all nonsense of course, we will follow his progress like any other club, despite his press he is a decent keeper when he concentrates. The newspaper are guessing that Lloris might leave and therefore suggesting Spurs are worried by it, when in fact. they are not.

Their reasoning is that he hasn't signed a new contract, as if there was any urgency. They used the same out of context reasoning to suggest Harry Kane might leave, of which there wasn't the slightest chance.

We have been watching Jordan Pickford for over a year. It is common practice to constantly watch player for every position. Michel Vorm may decide he wants to play more regularly and then we would be looking for a second keeper who can challenge Lloris, who of course, could suffer a major injury at any time.

Always best to be prepared.


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