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Monday, 12 December 2016

Good news, someone might buy Tom Carroll!


Wonderful news came to our yes on Sunday, Swansea City are considering a £10 million move for squad member Tom Carroll.

By all accounts he is a nice guy, one you are happy to have around the place, but he simply doesn't have the mental make up to be a top player, at least not at a top club. He may fare better in a smaller pond. Presumably that is what Swansea City are hoping because he is error prone while looking the part.

The story comes from The Sun, every paper you not had to have a Tottenham story yesterday as we were playing so how many of them are actually true and how many are simply a reporters imagination is another matter.

The Sun report a familiar tune from the Swansea City chairman - “Swansea supremo Huw Jenkins will make money available in January and has an eye on young talent whose value can rise."

I'd be amazed if we got £10 million for a player who never plays now. We signed him to a new contract in the summer simply so that he has a transfer value, of that I'm sure. Hopefully that will come to fruition, he needs to move to further his game and further his career as at the moment both are stagnating.


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  1. Haha, once again proving all Tottenham fans are deluded. Top club? What have you won lately?



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