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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Goals in the 2nd half at Spurs

Swansea were involved in a nine-goal thriller last week that saw the game see-saw one way then the onther and back again. With Spurs sitting near the top of the table and playing at home gainst a team low down in the table you would think there would be a likelihood of plenty of goals.

History and statistics tell us a different story. The Racing Post inform us that over the last 20 seasons teams involved in a nine-goal game have seen only 2.59 goals in their next Premier League encounter.

They also tell us that in the seven and a half years Tottenham have been challenging for a UEFA Champions League place that1.5 goals in the second half of our games has occurred 56% of the time.

Given that many sides try to keep it to 0-0 at half-time and then attempt to win the game in the second half, perhaps we will see more goals in the second 45 minutes than the first today.


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