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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Doyen Sports the problem with Coric transfer


Ante Ćorić
It all seems to have gone quiet around the 19-year-old (20 next April) Croatian, maybe that is because of the 'Football Leaks' investigation that uncovered documents showing Doyen Sports using parties with prostitutes to entice clubs to buy players.

Doyen do not actually negotiate for Ćorić, but they do hold an image rights deal with Ćorić, something he revealed himself back in 2015, even though the company it seems tried to keep it quiet. Documents revealed they bought 70% of his rights in November 2015 for 2,863,290 euros from Dinamo Zagreb and that they will receive back an extra 2 million euros. They lent money 4.55 million euros to the club in February 2016. It is a method to circumvent third part laws and Financial Fair Play regulations.

Doyen, backed by anonymous wealthy businessmen, loan money to help a club buy a player they otherwise could not afford. When that player is sold, a percentage goes Doyen, or the initial loan has to be paid back with interest within three years. Itis in Doyen's interested to have players transferred to clubs they can loan money too. The Premier League do not like Doyen involved in transfers

He has continually turned down all the major clubs, thinking he will improve and move when he feels he will be an automatic choice for one of them. Porto though wanted to buy Ćorić and Doyen Sports would have helped finance the deal. This might have a far greater bearing where he ends up, rather than simply what is best for his footballing career.

Marcelo Brozović is another client and there have been plenty of stories linking us with him. Again we couldn't buy him without buying out Doyen Sports share of his rights.

No doubt there will be talk about Ćorić again and no doubt he won't be going anywhere in January.

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