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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Don't mess with Danny Rose, leave him where he is

I can never understand why people want to change what works. We have arguably the best two full-backs in the Premier League because of the way we play, not in spite of it.

I read a piece on a forum asking the question, should Danny Rose be moved further forward and if we need a stay at home left-back pick Ben Davies. That would mean entirely changing our system, what for?

Our system works because inverted wingers can attack inside pulling the full-back in and leaving the space outside for Rose to attack. If Rose were further forward with a full-back behind him, then he would be marked more often and less effective. He was a winger we have converted into a left-back.

We broke several times at speed against Burnley, once again demonstrating you don't need flying wingers to counter-attack swiftly. We did the same against Hull City and Swansea City, indeed Harry Kane scored a goal that was largely created by first-time passing, not the slower running with the ball.

what is this fixation with traditional wingers people have, we don't have the aerial ability to play with traditional wingers, our crosses have to be along the floor, which Walker and Rose provide plenty of. I see no reason to drastically change what works and the assumption thta if you push Rose further forward he will be more dangerous is probably false.

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