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Monday, 12 December 2016

Does the Dembele Wanyama partnership work?

Does the Mousa Dembele and Victor Wanyama partnership actually work?

Apart from winning a penalty this season I hardly remember Mousa Dembele anywhere near the opposition box. Again against Manchester United he was in the middle of the park and not venturing forward as much as he does with Eric Dier besides him.

Eric Dier drops into a back three regularly allowing Aldeweireld and Vertonghen to split, Wanyama doesn't. That leaves another opposition body in midfield and makes it more difficult for us to pass out from the back. Equally Wanyama is quite a poor passes. His passes are lazy and he likes to just play a simply sideways pass.

Does that mean Dembele stays deeper to take the ball off him and take it forward? With Eric Dier being a better passer, does Mousa Dembele not have to stay back as much, can he venture forward more and have more involvement with the game where it counts?

It isn't just a question of what you do with the ball, but a question of what you do without it and how you affect the other players. Wanyama has had some notable games, but is that at the expense of other players?

It may not be an issue for the next game with Dembele picking up a foot injury at Old Trafford and needs assessing before a decision is made.

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