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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Danny Rose going nowhere


Manchester United and Manchester City are going to fight over Danny Rose reports the Daily Mirror. How do you fight over a player who isn't available?

Mauricio Pochettino arrived at Spurs and told Danny Rose he would turn him into an England full-back and the pair are talked about as being inseparable, Rose is like Pochettino's son the Spurs players claim. The likelihood of him leaving Spurs is minimal at best and if we beat Manchester United today, then both sides will be below us in the table, as Manchester United have been for a few seasons now.

We would be being naive if we didn't think other clubs were watching our players, of course they are, we have a group of emerging youngsters, exactly what other clubs would want. Naturally the paper report claim the press obsession with a non-existent bidding war. They do like to dramatise things so.

A figure of £25 million (€29.77m - AUS$42.20m - US$31.44m) has been thrown at the story, but if Manchester United are prepared to pay £30 million (€35.72m - AUS$50.64m - US$37.72m) for Luke Shaw then Danny Rose has to be worth more than that!


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  1. Danny Rose going nowhere
    Just like Spurs



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