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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Daniel Levy Response


I brought you the comments of a reader Coco Hughes who, at length, gave his views (Part 1 and Part 2) that I passed on to you in two articles and they drew a response from someone with another pre-set vision. Martyn Giles first lifts a quote from Coco.

"I really find it hard to fathom how fans (not supporters) slag him off. Unfortunately too many people live in the minute and find it very difficult to see the future"

Oh the irony of that statement!
It is Levys long term failures that most supporters criticise, the fact that he has churned through managers in his relatively short tenure, more than most other clubs have had in their existence and each manager costs the club money.
The fact that Levy makes managers promises (you're an imbecile if you don't think he does this) and then fails to fulfill them.
The fact that Levy goes with the cheaper option and then fails to strengthen the squad at vital juncture.

I could go on but I'l end with this, my most recent criticism and I will use your words (whoever wrote these comments, I appreciate that the site didn't compile this drivle) so if it is inaccurate it because YOU ARE talking a load of scrotal juice:
Levy played poker with the club and it's heritage, he abused the loyalty of the fans AND did it so that he could increase the clubs value for the share holders by conning money out of the British taxpayers stained funds.
YOU said that he played poker with the club, you said that he did it to get money from the government. If none of its true this criticism isn't valid but like I said, I'l use YOUR words.

Nothing Levy does is done for the fans/supporters (I see little difference in that minutae but you seem to), it is ALWAYS for the share holders.
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There are two sides to every story and two ways of looking at Daniel Levy. If you want to see bad you will. If you want to understand we went through managers because he was looking for a top quality manager (happy to come to Spurs) who could build the club, not just the immediate first-team (which is after all the future). he has eventually found that man in Mauricio Pochettino and has backed him.

he hasn't actually churned through managers more than other clubs, they have all churned through managers around the same as us, Aston Villa for instance have gone through more. It's a myth.

I'm sorry Martyn but when you run a major company you do not make a subordinate promises. Daniel Levy is no idiot and he wouldn't be giving coaches the wild promises you suggest, that isn't how you run a business. All managers/coaches know the score when they come in. They know the clubs transfer policy and they ask to be employed knowing those constraints and thus have no come back if they have insufficient ability as a coach to make a difference, the difference Mauricio Pochettino has made, within those constraints.

Roberto Soldado and Erik Lamela for instance, were not the cheaper options. This seems to me, to fail to recognise where Tottenham have been at in the last few years, a stepping stone club. It doesn't seem to accept that we do actually try to sign players who choose not to join us. Fans seem to think it is compulsory a player signs or that you simply have to throw money at them, the reality is different and they are the wrong mentality of player anyway. Moutinho wasn't signed because his third party owners refused to sign the paperwork, hardly Daniel Levy's fault.

It also fails to appreciate funds are not unlimited or that we are building a new stadium at great cost or that you don't gamble with a companies future and thus the teams future. The Tottenham business pays the football, the football doesn't pay for the business. The business has to succeed before the football can concede on a consistent basis, which is his stated goal.

You see what you want to see. You seem what supports a pre-conceived grievance. The club is on the brink of a fantastic future. That is what the vast majority of fans see and that is because of Daniel Levy, not in spite of him. An anti-Levyite will never see that though, as thye would have to admit they were wrong.

I remember writing once before, if you don't support daniel Levy, then the don't support the building of a new stadium and all the benefits that go with it. That is happening because of Daniel Levy's vision.

I respect your opinion Martyn and thank you for placing it, but I do think you have got it all wrong. The club has clearly progressed under his tenure. Newcastle United are the 7th richest club in the country, where are they and where are we? Worlds apart, thanks to Daniel Levy.

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  1. I have never been a good fan of Levy but in that way you put this on the table I must say I agree with everything you mentioned, well done :-)

  2. Replies
    1. If Danny Levy or Kevin Plank at UA don't give me a job after all this, I will be crying my eyes out. The missus & kids went out, I had sparked up a green one, finally had some free time on my hands, and wrote my thoughts down. Money changed football. Chelsea changed football. Clubs are businesses now. Players are athletes. No Paul "Spurs are gonna lose this one, Pint Pint, Oi Oi" Merson anymore. But how you look after your business is up to you. I have 2 businesses. People look at the now, this minute, i have some cash, let's go out and get on it. I don't. Alcoholic addict. I look to the future, and analyse everything I am told. I then analyse everything I am not told, and then make decisions based on all the evidence. All I can do is go through the history, and see where we are now. England train at out training ground. The NDP will be multi purpose, concerts, football, NFL for sure. I cannot imagine all this has come around after "missing out" on Stratford. The Crystal Palace mock ups were photoshop shit. If anyone really took that seriously, then go and recheck it. Spurs have moved forward every year on and off the pitch under ENIC. But some say, why doesn't Joe Lewis give us a billion pounds. Because it is unsustainable. We have had to look into the future, to find out where we can maximise the club. And the US is a huge opportunity. Kaizen, as Clive states. In every department, small changes can make big results. Toured Man City Etihad Campus, great guy doing the tour. Says every player comes off the field with a personal drink chilled for his specific bodily needs, nutrients, minerals. Tiny details that make you better. Every department at Spurs has improved. Every building has improved. Every player has improved. It is a business making many decisions all the time. You are always get a few wrong. Players, a sponsor, whatever. These are as another reader said, acceptable. iIt is not the strongest that survive, it is the most adaptable. Spurs have adapted the Globalistaion of sport across the world. People are on the move. They want Premier league while working in China. We are crossing Oceans and Sports. Steph Curry inviting Messi to a Golden State Warriors game. Small examples of how Sport in general is going Global, not just Football. Daniel Levy will always be a True Yid to me. Everything he has done and then put up with all the shit, he done in the best interests of Spurs. Yes, we did not get Moutinho. Third party, too late in window, wages, did he really want to come here, etc. These are all aspects of running a business. He sweats blood for Spurs, and everyone under a certain age calls him a cunt. Anyone who remembers the dark years knows full well what I mean. The Nicola Berti chant is funny, but not many of those singing it put up with him, and Moussa Saib did they? I fuckin did. I hope Levy gets Honorary Chairmen after the NDP. We have been overachieving for years, whilst planning a massive overhaul of the entire club, top to bottom. For me, he is doing an incredible job. And gets no credit at all. Why he bothers amazes me sometimes. Most thankless job in football.

  3. People forget the past . I remember the past the days of schollar when we were nearly bankrupt . I remember the days of sugar and Venables. People need to look at our history to actually see how far we have come . I started supporting spurs back in 1980 NOT because they were big spenders or major winners but because we played football and we played it the right way they entertained me 2 or 3 nil up end up losing 5 - 3 . We didn't play hoof ball like arsenal or Wimbledon. So I'm proud to say I'm a yiddo I'm proud of the club and staff and I will always back anyone linked to my beloved spurs .I don't care if other teams spend billions all I care about is my team spurs give it there best 100% and entertain and play football how it should be played . I fell in love with the club long before we were winners and that has not changed.... COYS

  4. I've fallen in love with you Smudger.

  5. What really makes me sad is thinking about the younger kids just finding a team to support. Lots will go for the glory clubs the big spenders like man utd . Chelsea. Man city . But the one's that do support Tottenham hotspurs will be brought up by people who only moan and whinge because spurs won't pay stupid amounts of money for a player or over pay him. They will never know the love for spurs that me and many other supporters know . And that really makes me very sad indeed... COYS... merry Christmas to all YIDDOS

  6. I do look to the future and never considered that. It is true that a lot of fans will almost be tainted from the start. That is truly sad, but the reality of how society is now. We want success and we want it now. Money always first. I believe that Spurs are better than that. I took the kids to The Lane, Gillingham, they are 3 and 4. Then stayed over and done the tour next day. They had to visit The Lane. Had to stand in The Park Lane and shout their heads off, putting older kids to shame. had to sit in Danny Rose's seat. My girl nicked it, and my lad started crying. I asked one fan a while ago, why he doesn't live in a mansion. Can't afford it he said. But you want Tevez at the club yeah? Yeah. Ridiculous, totally ridiculous. Spurs is more than a football club to many, but it is getting lost. I hope Harry Kane, Dele and all the boys are different. They know what it means. They will all be vastly rich men in their mid 20's. But this team just seems to have something about it, A Fuck You, a swagger, that I may think they can be the real deal. These boys want to win. Badly. Does anyone think they are motivated solely by money? They all sign deals at a vastly inferior rate to what they could get paid elsewhere. How much could Harry get a week? Yet still they sign a 5 year deal. Not a stepping stone club anymore. Because they know. They know this team can win the Prem in a year or two, they know they have not even hit top gear yet, and they should stick together. Should of won it last year but that is in the past. And if we lose, and they gave their best, then happy days. COYS

  7. Happy days indeed . We have come a very long way and the journey is only just started. But if we never win the league in my life time I will still have loved the journey because we are the spurs .... COYS

  8. You two lads are worth the admission alone. Echo my opinions completely.

    And if you fancy lifting up the rock and seeing the ugliness underneath, check out Harry Hotspur. His agenda-driven outbursts make me want to cry.

  9. Charges the most for season. Tickets one league cup in 15 years

  10. Bang on 3J. I cannot fathom that guy. Think Danny really gave him a good shafting at some point, and he has never got over it. I just cannot work out how bitter that guy is. Think Danny must have shot him down in flames big time.

  11. I remember the Park Lane booing a few years back because we were nil nil at half time against QPR. Booing at half time. Sad sorry state of affairs that. Football to me is a social thing. The result never mattered a while back, as long as they gave their best, and you had a good day out. Now, we boo when we are drawing at half time. WTF happened?

  12. What an absolutely superb article supporting an extremely shrewd and intelligent businessman. Congratulations.



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